How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App

How To Transfer Money From PayPal To Cash App

PayPal and Cash App are the two most popular payment platforms today. Some users have an account on both platforms and have been wondering whether it’s possible to send money from PayPal to Cash App. I’ll be answering this question in full in this article. 

You can’t directly send money from a  PayPal account to a Cash App account and vice versa. However, you can send money through a bank account that’s linked to both platforms or by adding your Cash App card to your PayPal. 

There is no compatibility/cooperation between PayPal and Cash App for now. And this makes it impossible to send funds directly from an account on one platform to the other. But there are ways you can get around this to send money from one to the other. And I’ll be talking about these below.

Can I link my Cash App card to PayPal?

Yes, it’s possible to link your Cash App Visa Debit Card to your PayPal. This was not possible a few years ago and I was beyond thrilled when I discovered that it’s now possible to link your Cash App card to your PayPal account.

Follow these steps to add a cash card to Paypal on Android or iPhone.

  • Log in to your PayPal account through the App or website. 
  • Click on the gear-shaped icon (Settings) that’s at the top right corner of the PayPal home screen. 
  • A number of options will be available to you. Pick up the bank and card. After that, you’ll be able to see all the connected cards.
  • Click on “Add” or the “+” sign tab that’s at the top right corner to add a new card. 
  • Since you want to add a Cash App Visa Debit Card, choose the add debit card option.
  • Now you may have to give your touch id to proceed further or type the security number.
  • You’ll be given the option to add a card manually. Select it. 
  • The next step is to enter the sixteen-digit debit card number and press the next tab.
  • You’ll also need to enter both the CVV number and expiration date of your Cash App Visa Debit Card in the given field.
  • You’ll be prompted to add your billing address in the next box. After doing that, hit the link card tab. 
  • After successfully linking your card, it’ll be available as a funding source and you can start spending from it. 
  • Transferring money through a common linked bank account

You can add a bank account to both your PayPal and Cash App accounts. If you have the same bank account linked to your PayPal and Cash App, then you can send money from PayPal to Cash App through the bank account and vice versa. 

So assuming you want to transfer money from Cash App to PayPal, you’ll have to follow the following steps. 

Transfer money from Cash App to your Bank Account

  • Launch the Cash App application on your Android or iPhone device. 
  • Go to “My Cash” tab (by tapping the dollar amount) which can be found in the middle of your device home screen. 
  • The next step is to click on the “Cash Out” button which can be found to the left of your account balance. 
  • You’ll have to choose the amount you want to send to your bank account. When you are done, select the “Cash Out” option. 
  • You’ll notice that the “Cash Out” menu will instantly come out showing the total account balance auto selected for transfer. If you’d like to transfer less, you’ll have to input the amount here. 
  • You can now tap “Cash Out” since you’ve decided on the amount you wish to transfer. A prompt will appear on your screen asking you to choose the type of transfer you want – instant or standard. The standard transfer option will take three days before the funds reflect in your bank account. The Instant option will make the funds reflect in your bank account almost instantaneously. This comes at a charge of 1.5% though. 

Your bank account should already be linked to PayPal. If it is not, you can easily add it to your PayPal by clicking on “Profile” after logging in. Then select my “Account” tab and choose “My Money” from the drop-down menu. Click on “Update” in the drop down menu, provide your bank information, and then select the  “Add Bank Account” button. You’ll have to confirm your bank account after that. 

Transfer Money from Bank to PayPal

After the money you sent from Cash App has arrived in your bank account, you can now send the funds to your PayPal account by following the steps below. 

  • Log in to your PayPal account through the App or website. Navigate to “My account” which you’ll find right below your PayPal balance. 
  • Choose the “Add money” option. 
  • All your available funding sources will be displayed. Choose your desired bank account, if you’ve linked more than one account, and then enter the amount you want to transfer to your PayPal balance. 
  • Double-check the transaction details to confirm there is no error and then click “Continue” and then click “Submit” to initiate the transfer process.
  • The amount will reflect in your PayPal balance within three days. 

Note that you don’t necessarily have to transfer funds from your bank to your PayPal balance. You can use your bank as a funding source. Also, you can add a PayPal card to your Cash App and start spending from it.

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