How to Play Like a Pro in Call of Duty Vanguard

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Vanguard is among the most thrilling Call of Duty titles with different modes, including Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaigns. The game pits players in the form of special agents against each other as they journey through various locations from World War II. They must defend their journey against opposing players or zombies to win.

They’ll have to fight as a team or alone based on their preferred game mode, thus triggering them to unlock their professionalism and skills. For this reason, Call of Duty: Vanguard can seem nerve-racking, but there are a few tips and tricks to get you playing like a pro.

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How to Play Like a Pro in Call of Duty Vanguard

  1. Start with the Zombie mode

The zombie mode is the best place to learn the environment and map layout of the game and to prepare for the main battles. Technically, this mode can be your practice mode to help you explore different weapons and master your skills.

By spending more time in zombie mode, your aim and shooting skills will improve a lot. Since you’ll be dealing with several zombies at close range, equip yourself with an SMG or a shotgun. 

You can also bring an assault or sniper rifle for medium to long-range shots. 

  1. Don’t neglect your team

Staying in range and in touch with your team is one of the formulas for playing like a pro in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Whether it’s the zombie mood or multiplayer, you’ll have more chances to live longer, kill more, and win several matches fighting with the team.

Imagine when your team attacks a single opponent jointly. There’s no survival for that enemy. Apart from quick kills, playing with your team will help you retain some power-ups. You’ll also save some grenades, health supplies, etc.

  1. Be intentional about reading weapon details

When you eliminate an opponent in the game, you can grab his weapon, ammo, or other tangible stuff. But in the process, you should always read the entire details of the weapon, especially guns. 

Hover over an enemy’s gun, and you’ll see some basic details like speed, accuracy, ammo, firepower, etc. View the full information on the gun to learn whether its recoil decreases vertically or horizontally. 

Also, you’ll know the impact of the ammo boosts on your reload speed, etc. Making this a habit will reward you with the best pro-like gameplay ever.

  1. Don’t forget to shoot through destructible walls

With a concept from World War II, Vanguard features many destructible environments. The walls are not even sturdy enough to hold back bullets. Whether aiming for a headshot or body shot, you can shoot through walls and penetrable objects to kill enemies. 

However, you must modify your weapon to penetrate walls. Even if the enemy is taking cover behind a wall, don’t let go so easily. Steady firing can ruin the enemy’s cover and allow bullets to pass.

This tactic can get you on the list of players with a high kill-to-death ratio.

  1. Always move after a kill

Professional players in Vanguard will never reside in a spot on any map, especially after a kill. Gunshots are loud and attract enemy teammates to come for their mates. Remaining at the kill spot will only put you at risk.

Thus, they occasionally move to different spots on the map while fragging and earning killstreaks. Since you want to play like a pro, you must remember to find a new spot whenever you kill an enemy or miss your shot. You don’t want the injured opponent to come after you with full force.

  1. Customize your loadouts tactically

Vanguard allows players to take different kinds of guns to the maps. To enjoy pro-like gameplay, customize your loadouts tactically. Since the game features different modes and maps, some weapons would work great in certain situations and fail you in another.

For this, you should equip loadouts with at least the three best kinds of weapons in the game. Consider taking a shotgun or an SMG on maps with several close-range combats. For buildings and hallways, grab an assault rifle. A sniper or marksman will be your best friend for tall buildings and open fields.


Playing like a pro in Vanguard is easy to imagine but tricky to achieve. However, these tips have simplified the process, making it more streamlined and achievable. 

To wrap up, start with the zombie mode and never neglect your team. Be intentional about reading the full details of an enemy’s weapon before picking it up.

Shoot through destructible walls and always be on the move, especially after a kill. More importantly, customize your loadouts tactically.


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