How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

Created by Anker innovations Co., Ltd, Soundcore is popularly known for delivering audio gadgets such as true wireless earbuds, over-ear headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and audio glasses. The brand was launched in 2018 with the vision to be one of the top headphone producers in the world, and gradually, it developed its customer base to the current one. If you’re one of Soundcore’s customers and you wonder if it’s possible to connect Soundcore earbuds to your device, then here’s an answer to your question- “can you pair soy core earbuds?”

You can connect Soundcore earbuds to your device depending on the type of device you use. You can connect Soundcore to your android and iPhone devices as long as their Bluetooth is functioning properly and you can access it. You can also connect it to a desktop with functioning Bluetooth. 

Although Soundcore is presently growing and isn’t as popular compared to its competitors- the AirPods and Samsung earbuds, however, the brand has steadily been producing top-notch audio products which is steadily growing its customer base. In this article, I’ll share with you the steps to connect Soundcore earbuds to your android and iPhone devices.

Can You Pair Soundcore Earbuds?

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

If you’re worried about being able to pair your Soundcore earbuds to your device, then worry not as you can easily pair your Soundcore earbuds to your devices whenever you want to. 

Soundcore works easily with any device that has Bluetooth available on it and with the earbuds’ strong Bluetooth version, it will be able to connect with your device. However, if your device doesn’t have Bluetooth or its Bluetooth is faulty, then you may be unable to connect the Soundcore earbuds to your iPhone, Android, or computer. 

Soundcore is a headphone-producing brand focused on providing users with exceptional sounds via its variety of products, giving them the users the best quality of sound. Soundcore was launched in 2018 and is one of those companies that produce a variety of audio products that range from headphones to earbuds, speakers, and so on. 

The brand is a subset of Anker Innovations co., Ltd- a Chinese electronics company based in Changsha, Hunan, popularly known for producing computer and mobile peripherals such as phone chargers, power banks, earbuds, headphones, speakers, data hubs, charging cables, torches, screen protectors, and much more, under its multiple subset brands. 

Soundcore’s product was rated to have performed great over the years with the company’s respective awards received from reputable awards organizations. These awards gave Soundcore more credibility, drawing the brand to the public eye. The company has currently been awarded over 7 international awards that are quite respected in the industry. 

You can get a Soundcore headset on any gadget store of your choice as long as their prices are within other prices of the particular headset. Connecting Soundcore headsets to your devices isn’t tough because all you basically just have to do is to put on the headset, put on your device’s Bluetooth, and pair them with each other. 

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds

Since you can connect the earbuds with any other Bluetooth device, we’ll cover three different devices you can connect the earbuds to in this article— android devices, iPhones, and Windows computers. 

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds With Android Devices

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

Step 1: Navigate To Your Phone’s Settings

Open your android device and navigate to your device’s settings menu. You’ll need to enable your Bluetooth on your android device so follow this step as the first step to achieve this. 

Step 2: Click On The Connections Tab

Tap on the connections tab to access all of your device’s wireless connections. These connections include Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. 

Step 3: Enable Your Bluetooth Connection

Enable your Bluetooth connection under the heading of wireless & networks. It may be a toggle button or a drop-down option for you to put on the Bluetooth. Either way, just make sure you turn on the Bluetooth and make sure it stays on.

Step 4: Go To Your Bluetooth Menu

Select the Bluetooth menu item so your phone can scan for available devices that it can pair with. You must have made sure that your Bluetooth is visible to be able to pair with other Bluetooth devices. 

Step 5: Navigate To The Soundcore 2 Option

Once Soundcore has been detected by your Android device, click on it to pair both devices together. Once you’ve paired the device, the speaker will emit a beep and the Bluetooth LED lights up steady blue, indicating that the Bluetooth devices are now paired together. 

Now you can go on to listen to music or watch your favorite videos on your Android devices while using Soundcore as your audio device. If you’re a lover of music, Soundcore’s sound system will amuse you with its bass. 

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds To iPhone

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

Step 1: Go To Your Device Settings

Navigate to your device’s settings and click on it. You’ll be welcomed with a series of options on the list. 

Step 2: Tap On Bluetooth 

Tap on the Bluetooth option to access the Bluetooth menu. You’ll be welcomed with some other options asking you to enable your Bluetooth or perform other actions.

Step 3: Enable Your Bluetooth

Tap on the toggle button to enable your button. Once you put it on, you’ll be able to view all other devices that your Bluetooth has paired with previously. 

Step 4: Search For New Devices

Once you’ve put on your Bluetooth, navigate below to the “other devices” section to see the new devices available to be paired with. Click on Soundcore 2 and your device should automatically pair with the earbuds. 

Step 5: Confirm That The Devices Have Been Paired Together

Once the devices have been paired together, the speaker will emit a confirmation sound indicating that the devices have now been paired. The Bluetooth LED lights up steadily with a blue-colored light that indicates a connection between the speaker and your phone. 

How To Pair Sohndcore Earbuds To A Windows Laptop

How To Pair Soundcore Earbuds? (Simple 2022 Guide)

Step 1: Navigate To Windows Settings

Navigate to your windows settings by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard and navigating to the settings which have a gear head icon. You can also go to your menu by clicking on the windows icon in your navbar and navigating to your settings. Lastly, you can go to your settings by pressing the Windows shortcut, “Windows + I” shortcut. 

Step 2: Click On “Devices”

To turn on your Bluetooth, click on “Devices”. This will take you to a new page with all possible devices you can connect to your computer on the left side of your screen and “Bluetooth & other devices” on the main page. 

Step 3: Click On “Add Bluetooth or other devices”

At the top of the page, you’ll see “Add Bluetooth or other devices” with a plus icon by the side of it. This lets you add new Bluetooth devices you want to pair with your Windows laptop. 

Step 4: Select “Bluetooth” On The “Add a device” Drop-Down

Now you’ll need to select Bluetooth on the drop-down page on your screen. After a few seconds, the computer will scan any available Bluetooth devices around. Once it detects the Soundcore earbuds, it’ll appear on the list.

Step 5: Select “Soundcore Earbuds”

After the earbuds have appeared on the search list, click on it. Once you click on it, the Bluetooth earbuds will connect to your computer. 

Step 6: Confirm The Pairing

The Bluetooth earbuds LED lights up blue and the speaker emits a confirmation sound indicating that it has been linked to the computer.


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