How To Make Your Phone Impossible to Track

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Do you value your privacy and want nobody to detect your location but have no idea how to do this? This guide will provide you with effective ways to make your device impossible to track.

You will get information about five techniques that will prevent hackers and suspicious users from tracking cell phones.

Moreover, this guide has a special section with responses to the most popular questions of users regarding this theme.

Take Advantage of a Virtual Private Network
As practice shows, utilizing the services of a Virtual Private Network provider is the best way to avoid tracking your iPhone or Android devices. With such reliable applications, hackers and advertisers will have no chance to access your exact location and IP address.

Moreover, with VPN you can unblock websites that are geo-restricted for you. This means, using video streaming services and buying online will be complicated no more.

VPN operates by encrypting users’ data and rerouting their online traffic through a safe server. You can set up VPN client on Android to get reliable connection and access to any online content. If a third party plans to view the source of the user’s activity, it will trace back to one of the multiplicity servers rather than the user’s actual router. This guarantees the inability to track a phone and the privacy of the user’s connection.

Switch On Airplane Mode
As a rule, every smartphone with an Android or IOS operating system offers an “airplane mode” setting. This feature lets users of devices turn off cellular and Wi-Fi networks fast.

Do you wonder how to stop someone from tracking your phone? This is where the “airplane mode” function will be useful as well.
When you shut down the connection of your phone to cellular and Wi-Fi, nobody will be able to track you utilizing these network services. Airplane mode can be turned on from the control bar on an iPhone. Meanwhile, Android users can find this function on the notification bar.

Disable Your GPS
Users will think about GPS tracking first when it comes to tracking cell phones. It is worth mentioning that GPS settings can differ depending on the user’s type of device and operating system. There are mobile devices with a standalone GPS setting. Meanwhile, other devices have GPS settings connected with their location or privacy settings.

With the help of the above-discussed airplane mode, you can likewise switch off GPS automatically. Thus, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the user manual of your device to find out how to turn off its GPS.

Turn Off Location Settings
Disabling location settings is one of the effective methods if you wonder how to make your phone impossible to track. Both iOS and Android devices offer simple steps for switching off these settings.

iPhone users should go to the device’s settings and press “Privacy”. Then, there is a need to choose “Location services” and disable location sharing by swiping the switch.

If you are a user of Android, you should open the device’s settings, choose “Security & location” and press “Location”. To turn location settings off, you should swipe the switch.

Switch Off Your Phone
If a user reveals hackers are trying to track a phone, there is one solution – to turn it off. This assists your device to disable communications with networks and GPS data.
However, the tracker can still possess the possibility to detect the user’s last known location. Luckily, the tracker will not get real-time updates until the user’s phone is turned on.

This method is useful if a user is in immediate danger or does not possess time to switch off tracking services. However, it can not be a permanent solution. After a user switches a device back on, there is a necessity to take extra steps to protect the phone and delete unwanted applications or malware.

Widely Asked Questions by Users about How to Avoid Tracking Cell Phones

Can Somebody Access My Phone?
While your device is turned on, it can be tracked by cybercriminals and advertisers. Thus, we recommend taking precautionary measures and keeping your phone protected.

How to Secure My Phone from Being Tracked?
There are many useful ways how to make your phone impossible to track. Our pieces of advice are using VPNs like it, turning on airplane mode, and disabling your GPS, location settings, and your device.

Who Can Track My Location?
There are many interested third parties who want to access your location for their own purposes. As a rule, they are advertisers, websites, applications, government agencies, and hackers.

Modern smartphones are equipped with location technology and it is helpful in some way. It enables people to discover nearby amenities and see the locations of other users.

However, there is no need to forget that phones are portable devices full of important data and personal information. It becomes understandable why some users start wondering “how to stop someone from tracking your phone”.

Luckily, a lot of effective methods exist that can help you to make your device untraceable. The above-discussed tips are easy to follow and they will not give third parties a chance to track your phone.


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