How To Make Auto Resize Page On Wix?

When you have created a sharp website, you expect that it will operate in an efficient, professional manner so that it will be a wonderful experience for visitors to your site. However, the website building platform you choose may affect how well your website displays across devices that have different dimensions. So, I will show you how to make auto-resize pages on Wix.

To auto-resize your page, you will click on the “Stretch” icon to stretch your elements across the full width of your desktop. With this method, your website will auto-resize to fit your smaller devices. This is because it maintains the instruction that your elements are to be stretched to the full width of the device.

I will provide information about the templates of Wix websites, as well as information on what it means to have a fully responsive website. Afterward, I will explain whether their templates are fully responsive in addition to offering ways to improve the responsiveness of your website. Finally, I will highlight a platform created by Wix that accommodates fully responsive websites.

About Wix

Wix is a cloud-based website building company. It provides platforms for individuals and businesses to launch their blogs, online stores, forums, portfolios, among other types of content. They have a wide template database with varied themes to cover a great range of their clients’ tastes. 

Their website features SEO-optimization tools, all-in-one business solutions, and open development platforms for persons interested in performing advanced coding into their sites. With the website consistently launching new features over the years such as Wix ADI and Editor X, Wix has amassed a total of 200 million users as of 2021. A huge success when you consider that 3 years after it was founded it only had 1 million users on its platform.

It is also accessible to 190 countries in the world making it one of the leading website builders on the internet today. Their packages vary from having a free plan to a VIP Plan that offers features that include professional logos, ad vouchers, custom domain, and 24/7 Customer Care Service.

Are Wix Websites Fully Responsive?

What Is A Fully Responsive Website?

A fully responsive website is a site that has a web design that adapts to the size of different devices. It means that whether you view the website on a laptop, phone, tablet, or any other device, the same web pages should physically fit the dimensions of each device.

I grew up in the era where flip phones were the most popular items to carry around. My family was low budget so we could not afford more than one of these phones in our household. It was my mother’s. 

However, I was always using it, especially when I found out it could access the internet. It is because I have the experience of advanced technology now that I can look back and vividly remember how difficult it was to access the internet back then. I remember having to wait a long time before the websites would actually load. 

Whenever it did, I used to have to use the scroll button on the phone to navigate the full expanse of a webpage. Sometimes, to fit all the webpage on the screen, websites would come up too small. So, if you wanted to interact with the website you would have to zoom in to see and click the buttons. 

This was because the website’s dimensions were the same as if I was accessing it on a desktop or laptop.However, it became increasingly necessary to have responsive websites when internet surfing on mobile devices grew in popularity. Hopefully, my story was able to highlight the difficulty that an unresponsive web page brings to the user.

I would assume that an unresponsive web page would be a material reason a website has low traffic. It follows since studies showed that 94% of the survey takers judged a website based on its web design alone.It is understandable as my younger days that saw me as very patient with the loading time of the webpage from my mother’s flip phone is very different from the me today that will get irritated if the website doesn’t load in an instant.

This is because users are now accustomed to the possibilities of advanced technologies, and websites that do not make full use of it will be substandard in the eye of the visitors to your site.

Wix Websites Unresponsive

While the templates from Wix are becoming more responsive, it still is not fully responsive. Wix’s solution to adapting to mobile devices is creating a separate version of the website for them. These are known as mobile websites. 

The effects of having two versions of the same website is controversial and does not necessarily solve the problem of making full use of technology to increase user-friendliness for your clients.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Devices

One of the drawbacks of having a mobile website instead of a fully responsive one is that it makes it harder to optimize the dimensions for all the devices. There is no standard dimension for mobile devices which means some readers will still have a bad user experience with the website.

Also, mobile websites tend to remove some information that is present on their desktop websites to enhance the loading time and overall usability of the website. However, this bodes negatively with repeat users of the website if they should return on a different device as they might not find the same information they previously did.

How To Make Wix Site Fit All Screens

One of your options to make your Wix website fit all screens is using column strips. On the left side of the editor, you will see the option to “Add” with a plus icon. Click on the icon. Click “Strip” then select which strip you would like to add.

 Once you have selected your strip, drag the strip element to your page.Next, you will click the “Layouts” after clicking the strip element in the Editor.  You will see the option to “Add Column”. 

This way, you will split the strip into two columns. You can arrange your content inside these columns to ensure that your text remains aligned when transferred to devices of different sizes. This method allows you to place different pieces of content beside each other without having it appearing jumbled.

Using container boxes is also another method to ensure your information fits on both versions. You can attach your elements to these container boxes to give your websites more structure across the versions. To add a container box go to the left side of the Editor. 

You will click on “Add” then the term “Box”. You will see an option to select “Container Boxes”. Once you have, drag the box element to your page. 

This method is ideal for content that you would like to align vertically.

Methods like these are useful because the Wix templates will respond better to content placed inside column strips and container boxes. Whenever it is used in the mobile version, the mobile website only has to manipulate the boxes and columns (that house your content) to fit the website instead of directly having to manipulate your content. Essentially the columns and the container boxes are responsive so to make your content responsive across devices, you can place your content inside these elements.

Another method that you can use is to stretch your element to its full width so that it touched the width of your browser. If your element is full width, this means that when you view the website on your phone or smaller devices in general, the element will already be at its full width. Therefore it will remain at its full width on the smaller device.

To stretch an element, select it in the Editor. You will select the stretch icon displayed. There will be a toggle that allows you to stretch the element to full width.

 Select it then configure the margins slider to define how wide you prefer your margins. The closer your margins are to the heading, the wider you will be able to stretch your element. Wix has a list of elements that you can stretch.

Editor X

In 2020, Wix launched a new platform that promised fully responsive website creation – Editor X. Wix lists one of the features of the platform as having stack and scale media that will provide “seamless responsive behavior”. It also features advanced sizing control which allows web designers to define fixed or fluid elements on their website.

While Editor X is a part of the Wix franchise, they are different platforms. However if you like Wix templates and features, it is a good alternative to the Wix platform that can guarantee fully responsive websites.


While the Wix platforms do not provide fully responsive websites, most of their templates offer mobile websites. There are however many cons to using an alternative website. Although the website may not be fully responsive you can use the methods I described to improve the responsiveness of your webpage.

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