How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Oculus, a division of Facebook Inc., primarily produces virtual reality headsets for gaming. While it makes sense for the login requirements to be a Facebook account, many people would prefer the option to login without using their Facebook account. Therefore, this article will explore how to create an Oculus account without using Facebook.

For an additional $500, you can purchase the Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset that does not require a Facebook login. While the cheaper Quest 2 headset does require a Facebook account to login, this version is specifically targeted towards businesses.

Despite the company’s promise of future upgrades that will allow users to create their own account without Facebook, customers are still dissatisfied with the current login system. In this article, we will delve into the details of VR headsets and how to log in to Oculus without using a Facebook account. If you’re interested in learning more about how VR works, check out this article by GamingFYI.

Can You Use Oculus Without Facebook?

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Oculus Quest headsets, which will soon be renamed Meta Quest Headsets, did not require a Facebook account for users before 2020. However, this requirement was introduced with the release of the Quest 2.

Since the update, users are only able to sign up or log in with their Facebook accounts, causing frustration among Oculus VR headset users who do not want to use their Facebook account. The update also caused some users to be locked out of their Quest VR hardware.

The update aimed to create more interactions between users and their social networks, creating a social network of players. Users can also maintain separate user profiles and friends lists if they do not want certain information shared in virtual reality.

The update caused such controversy that it apparently inspired Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. The backlash added a sense of urgency for Facebook to remove its name from the product entirely, and one year later, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and the name of the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset was changed to “Meta Quest 2”.

One of the biggest issues with using a Facebook account to log in to an Oculus Quest is that your social media posts can affect the login process and overwrite the Oculus Quest. This means that if your Facebook account is suspended or hacked, you will lose access to your Quest and all games purchased on it.

Using a different account system, whether it is branded by Meta or not, can likely mean that your Quest usage will not be linked to your Facebook account, which solves the biggest security problem with the current account system. However, until then, you will still need to log in to your Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 using your Facebook account details.

The only version of the VR headsets that do not require a Facebook account is the business version of the Quest 2 headset. This freedom comes at a price $500 higher than its comparable consumer version. Businesses are willing to pay more for technology products than consumers, and with this headset, Facebook is not able to collect valuable data for ad targeting from business customers, and they are not spending their money on games, instead, they load it with custom applications, hence the high price.

How Do I Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Setting up an Oculus account without Facebook involves a specific process, as it requires an Oculus for Business account. We will discuss the steps required to open the account and activate the headsets.

It is important to note that Oculus for Business headsets must be provisioned using the Oculus for Business Device Setup app. If you provision your Oculus for Business headsets with the Oculus Consumer operating system, they will not be able to use Oculus for Business, and you will be required to log in with Facebook.

Only Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets purchased through the Oculus Business program can be activated with the following procedure. The activation process requires a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Android phone running on OS 8.0 or above.

Step 1- Setup Account:

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Before activating the headsets, it’s important to make sure you have properly set up your Oculus for Business and Workplace accounts.

  • Step 1: Set up Workplace account

1.1: After purchasing your Oculus for business headsets, you will receive a welcome email. Follow the instructions in the email to log in to Workplace.

1.2: Accept the Oculus for Business integration and accept your Oculus for Business orders. You can also log in directly to the Device Manager to accept once sign-up is complete.

  • Step 2: Install the Device Setup App

2.1: After confirming and accepting your orders, download the Device Setup Application from Device Manager by following these instructions:

  • Login to Device Manager with your Workplace username or business email.
  • In the Device Manager, click on Device Fleet and then click on UNconfigured Devices.
  • Click Get Setup App, then click Add recipient next to your name. You can also send the download link to other teammates.
  • From your Android mobile phone, click Download Device Setup App in the email sent to you.
  • Follow the instructions in the application.
  • Open the Device Setup app on the Android mobile phone and log in to the app.

2.2: Once installed, log in using your Workplace by Facebook credentials.

Step 3- Stage Headsets

  • Step 3: Prepare the headsets for activation

3.1: Before activating the headsets, ensure they are properly connected to power and have been charging for at least 30 minutes. Keep them plugged in throughout the activation process.

3.2: Power on each headset by pressing the power button. This will allow the headsets to be recognized by the Device Setup application for activation.

3.3: Make sure your phone is also plugged in to prevent it from running out of battery during the activation process.

Step 4- Activate Headsets:

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook
  • Step 4: Activate the headsets

4.1: Open the Device Setup application and log in using your Workplace by Facebook credentials. Click Start Setup to initiate the Wi-Fi information dialog.

4.2: Input the Wi-Fi network name and password, then click Save.

4.3: Tap Set up to begin the headset activation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation.

4.4: If you have multiple headsets, repeat steps 4.1 to 4.3 for each headset you want to activate.

Do all VR Headsets need Facebook?

There are many other virtual reality headset manufacturers in the world, most of which do not require Facebook to access the features of the headset. This means that not all VR headsets require Facebook.

However, Oculus virtual reality headsets do require a Facebook account to open an account. This requirement applies to all Oculus headsets, except for the Oculus for Business headsets. As previously discussed, this has caused frustration among Oculus VR headset owners, and an update is expected from the company in the coming months to address this issue.

Which is the best VR headset right now?

According to a review by the New York Times, the best virtual reality headset was determined to be the Oculus Quest 2. The determining factors were comfort and ease of use, which are seen as important elements for people who want to explore virtual reality. Other factors considered include controller responsiveness, content, sound, and tracking.

The Oculus Quest 2 has sensors built into it that allow for room-scale tracking, allowing the ability to track you across the size of an average living room. It can also be used with or without a cord, which allows for maximum freedom of movement and portability.

The headset has a comfortable build that allows it to sit on a variety of face shapes without causing discomfort or pain for the users. It is also portable in size, making it easy to fit into a backpack when needed. Its screen resolution and good display specifications create a top-notch VR experience for consumers. Its controllers are comfortable to hold for long periods and have easy button layouts, making it easy to navigate in VR.

Although Facebook claims that the Quest 2’s battery lasts about two to three hours, it was found to fall closer to the two-hour mark in use. While there are other VR headsets that provide an excellent experience without requiring a Facebook account login, the Quest 2’s specs are such that many people are willing to own one and create a fake Facebook account to access its features.

Alternatives to Using Facebook for Oculus Accounts

Using a Facebook account to log in to an Oculus headset is a common requirement, but it’s not the only option. One alternative is to create a separate Oculus account using an email address and password. This account can be used to log in to the headset and access its features without the need for a Facebook account. This option allows users to keep their VR experience separate from their social media activity and provides more privacy and security.

Another alternative is to use a virtual private network (VPN) to create a separate identity for the Oculus account. This involves using a VPN service to create a new IP address and location, allowing the user to create a new Oculus account without linking it to their Facebook account. This option can be useful for users who are concerned about privacy and want to keep their VR activity separate from their Facebook account.

A third alternative is to use a fake Facebook account. This option is not recommended as it goes against Facebook’s terms of service, and it could lead to the suspension or termination of the Oculus account. Using a fake Facebook account also poses security risks, as it could open the user to phishing attempts or other malicious activities. However, some users may choose to use a fake Facebook account to access the features of the headset.


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