How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Oculus, a division of Facebook Inc. produces Virtual reality headsets majorly for gaming. It does make sense for the requirements to log in to the VR headset be your Facebook account, however, a lot of people would rather have the freedom to log in to the VR without using their Facebook accounts. Hence, that brings us to ask how to open an Oculus account without using Facebook.

For $500 extra, you can get the other version of the Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headsets that does not require Facebook to log in. Although the cheaper Quest 2 headset does require a Facebook account to log in, this other version of the headset is specifically aimed at business. 

As the enterprise promises upgrades to the new technology which should get users to create their own account without Facebook,  customers still aren’t satisfied with the present account system. In this article, I’ll explore details about VR headsets and how to log in to Oculus without your Facebook account.

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Can You Use Oculus Without Facebook?

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Oculus Quest headsets which will soon be renamed Meta Quest Headsets did not require a Facebook account for users before 2020. The requirement developed alongside Quest 2’s release to the market.

Since the upgrade, Virtual Reality Headset owners are only allowed to sign up or log in with their Facebook accounts. This caused a ruckus in the community of Oculus VR headset users as so many users despised logging in with Facebook. The upgrade also accidentally locked some users out of their Quest VR hardware.

In the upgrade, some information gets shared across the service. The development was aimed at creating more interactions between users and their socials thereby creating a social network of players. You can also maintain separate user-profiles and friends lists in case you do not want certain pieces of information shared in Virtual Reality.

The upgrade was so controversial that it apparently inspired Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. According to the CEO of Facebook, the backlash added a sense of urgency for Facebook to get its name off the product entirely. One year later, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and the name of the “Oculus Quest 2” Virtual Reality headset was changed to “Meta Quest 2”.

One of the biggest issues with using a Facebook account to log in to an Oculus Quest is that your social media posts can hinder the log-in process and overwrite the Oculus Quest. Meaning if your Facebook account gets suspended due to reasons by Facebook’s social media team, you’ll lose all access to your Quest and the games purchased on it. In addition, if your Facebook account gets hacked, you’ll lose access to your Quest and every game purchased on the headset.

Using a different account system, whether it’s branded by Meta or not, can likely mean that your Quest usage won’t be linked to your Facebook account which solves the biggest security problem with the current account system. However, until then, You’ll still need to log in to your Oculus Quest or Meta Quest 2 using your Facebook account details.

However, the only version of the VR headsets that do not require a Facebook account is the business version of the Quest 2 headset. This freedom comes at a price $500 higher than its comparable consumer version.

Usually, Enterprises are willing to pay more for tech products than consumers. With this headset, Facebook isn’t able to collect valuable data for ad targeting from business customers, and they aren’t spending their money on games, instead, they load it with custom applications hence the high price.

How Do I Create An Oculus Account Without Facebook?

Setting an Oculus account without Facebook involves a set of processes since it’s an Oculus for Business account. We’ll discuss the entire process of opening the account and activating the headsets.

The enterprise strongly warns that Oculus for Business headsets must be provisioned using the Oculus for Business Device Setup app. This means that if you provision your Oculus for Business headsets with the Oculus Consumer operating system, your headsets will not be able to use Oculus for Business. This will lead you to log in with Facebook as the headset now runs on the Oculus Consumer operating system installed.

Only Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets purchased through the Oculus Business program can be activated with the following procedure. The activation process requires a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Android phone running on OS 8.0 and above. 

Step 1- Setup Account:

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

Prior to activating the headsets, there’s a need to make sure you’ve properly set up your Oculus for Business and Workplace.

  • Step 1.1:

After purchasing your Oculus for business headsets, you should receive a welcome email. Follow the instructions in the mail to log in to Workplace.

The welcome email is the only way to access the free workplace account granted by the Oculus for Business purchase. 

It is advised that you do not attempt to set up your Oculus for Business account before receiving the email.

  • Step 1.2:

Accept the Oculus for Business integration and accept your Oculus for Business orders. You can also log in directly to the Device Manager to accept once sign-up is complete.

Step 2- Install the Device Setup App:

This application will be used to activate your Oculus for Business headsets. Always make sure this Application is its latest version.

  • Step 2.1:

After confirming and accepting your orders, download the Device Setup Application from Device Manager by following these instructions:

  1. Login to Device Manager with your Workplace username or business email.
  2. In the Device Manager, click on Device Fleet and then click on UNconfigured Devices.
  3. Click Get Setup App, then click Add recipient next to your name. You can also send the download link to other teammates.
  4. From your Android mobile phone, click Download Device Setup App in the email sent to you.
  5. Follow the instructions in the application.
  6. Open the Device Setup app on the Android mobile phone and log in to the app.
  • Step 2.2:

Once installed, log in using your Workplace by Facebook credentials.

Step 3- Stage Headsets

Layout multiple headsets in such a manner that they can all be connected to power and switched on

  • Step 3.1: 

Make sure the headsets are connected to power and have been charging for at least 30 minutes. Keep them plugged in throughout the activation process.

  • Step 3.2: 

Power on each headset by pressing the power button. Switching on a headset will allow it to be recognized by the Device Setup application for activation.

  • Step 3.3:

Ensure your phone is plugged in so it won’t run low while the activation is ongoing. 

Step 4- Activate Headsets:

How To Make An Oculus Account Without Facebook

After staging, the next step is to activate the headsets by using the device setup App

  • Step 4.1

Open the Device Setup application and log in using the workplace  by Facebook credentials. Click Start Setup to initiate the Wi-Fi information dialog.

  • Step 4.2:

Input the Wi-Fi Network name and password then click save

  • Step 4.3: 

Tap Set up to begin the headset activation. 

Do all VR Headsets need Facebook?

There’s a number of other Virtual Reality Headsets producing companies in the world. Most of which do not require Facebook to access the features of the headset. Hence not all VR Headsets need Facebook.

But, Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets need Facebook because it’s a requirement to open an account. Except for the Oculus for Business headsets, all other Oculus headsets require a Facebook account login before you can access the features of the headset. As discussed earlier, the community of Oculus VR headset owners aren’t pleased with this, hence an update is expected from the enterprise in the coming months.

Which is the best VR headset right now?

According to the New York times who did a review on a number of VR headsets, the best VR headset was determined to be the Oculus Quest 2. 

The determining factor was comfort and ease of use as these is seen to be very important elements for people who want to explore Virtual Reality. Other factors considered include- Controller responsiveness,  Content, Sound, and Tracking.

The headset has sensors built into it that allow room-scale tracking. This allows the ability to track you across the size of an average living room. It can also be used with or without a cord which allows for maximum freedom of movement and portability.

The headset has a comfortable build that allows it to sit on a variety of face shapes without making it uncomfortable or painful for the users. It’s also very portable in size which allows it to be snugged easily into a backpack whenever you need to step out.
Its screen resolution and good display specifications create a top-notch VR experience for consumers. Its controllers are very comfortable to hold for long with easy button layouts allowing for easy control when navigating in VR.

Although Facebook says the Quest 2’s battery lasts about two to three hours, it fell closer to the two-hour mark while it was in use.
There are other VR headsets that provide an awesome experience without needing the Facebook account login, but due to the Quest 2’s specs, people do not mind owning one and creating a fake Facebook account to access the features of the headset.

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