How to Leverage Indeed’s Data Insights to Foster Business Success

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Recent big tech layoffs have shaken the job market once again. Now, it’s as important as ever to make better data-driven decisions as hiring professionals, who want to get top talent. Data from Indeed, one of the world’s leading job search platforms,  may provide a great overview of current job market trends that can help shape further hiring strategies.

HR professionals used to leverage Indeed scraper to get important insights, however, they soon noticed that this practice is quite time- and resource-heavy. Using insights from ready-made Indeed datasets has proven to be more efficient and worth the investment.

What is the Indeed dataset

Many companies recognize the power of data, however, they usually struggle with effectively putting that data to use. Indeed datasets offer valuable information about the job market, which can be used for creating new recruitment strategies, craft more attractive job postings, and get top talent for available roles. 

Companies and jobs make up the two datasets that comprise the Indeed dataset. Information about the company, the CEO, and the ratings assigned to the company profile are all included in the firmographic data dictionary. 

Overall, professionals noticed that using datasets rather than Indeed scrapers has proven more effective. It’s because datasets are easier to use and provide stable delivery and formats. Moreover, they offer cost-effective solutions for large volumes of data. Maintaining a scraper requires more resources and expertise, so ready-made datasets from reliable providers are usually the choice of many. 

Understanding Indeed’s data insights

Indeed’s data insights offer a wealth of information that can empower businesses to make informed decisions throughout the recruitment process, such as:

  • Job market trends: Emerging roles, in-demand skills, and salary benchmarks.
  • Competitor analysis: Competitors’ job postings and hiring trends. 
  • Salary insights: Indeed’s salary data, average rates for specific roles in certain location.

Top 5 tips to maximize the benefit from Indeed data 

Here are some of the simple strategies you, as a recruiter, can use to leverage insights from Indeed datasets more effectively:

Refine recruitment strategies

First, you need to leverage competitor analysis to refine your hiring strategies. With data, you’ll be able to identify gaps in your approach, adopt successful tactics, and differentiate your employer brand for more visibility. 

Strategic budget allocation

Utilize data on sponsored job postings and adjust your budget allocation accordingly. Identify peak times for job searches and allocate a budget to maximize visibility during those periods. Set competitive salary offerings by benchmarking against industry averages. These insights help understand the compensation landscape and make data-driven decisions that align with candidate expectations.

Enhance employer branding

Even if they were paid more, 50% of applicants claim they would never work for a company with a bad reputation. With candidate behavior insights, you can enhance your employer branding, tailor your messaging and branding efforts to align with the expectations of your target audience.

Stay agile with market trends

According to Crunchbase, at least 6,505 workers at U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off so far in 2024. Currently, the job market fluctuates a lot and many changes are constantly happening. 

That’s why HR professionals should regularly monitor job market trends to stay agile in their hiring strategies. It’s always good to adapt your approach based on emerging roles, especially with the rise of AI, skill demands, and other market dynamics – like big tech layoffs – to ensure you attract top talent.

Constantly measure and optimize accordingly

Due to the fast pace of changes in the market, it’s important to continuously measure the success of your recruitment efforts using Indeed’s analytics tools. Professionals should analyze metrics such as application rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to identify areas for optimization.

Final thoughts

Indeed’s data insights offer a valuable resource for businesses looking to enhance their recruitment strategies. By leveraging these insights strategically, businesses can optimize job postings, refine recruitment strategies, and stay ahead of the trends.


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