How to get paid for testing the latest tech?

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Excellent and honest product reviews are challenging to find online today. Yes, the web offers plenty of feedback and a rating out of five stars, but don’t trust everything you read. Customer reviews have become a form of fiercely competitive advertising. And millions fall for these dirty tricks before spending their hard-earned cash on the latest technology. That’s an experience we want to ensure our readers avoid.

Why shouldn’t you trust online reviews when deciding which technology to add to your collection? The short answer is that the vendor pays many authors of these recommendations to drum up interest in what they’re selling. If it’s the latest smartwatch, you’ll find hundreds of fake reviews on the pages of the biggest online selling sites. The same applies to HD live streaming offered by smartphone apps, including sports betting sites and esports pages. Clothes, hotels, and even holidays. They’re all guilty.

If you can buy a product online, there’s a high chance of paid writers posting fake reviews. It’s far from honest, but it pays, and we’re seeing more companies adopt this strategy. What can you do to help combat untrustworthy reviews? Plenty if you are a talented writer passionate about the technology industry. And it’s easier than you might think.

Use your skills for good

Do you have a flair for writing, time to research, and a desire to help online shoppers find the best products at affordable prices? Then why not become a product tester? This industry is more accessible than ever before, and honest businesses are on the lookout for everyday customers to write reviews. 

Unlike the fake posts that dominated e-commerce sites over the last decade, the most prominent firms are bucking the trend by seeking honest feedback their customers can trust. Fancy giving it a go and testing new tech? The rewards may come as a pleasant surprise with a range of benefits offered to writers.

This page explains how you can begin writing product reviews and be compensated for your time without being paid to mislead consumers. We cover the best way to get started, writing reviews that’ll get noticed, and how publications pay for your efforts.


Getting started

The best way to get started is to write free online product reviews at the best-followed apps. This will serve as little more than practice in the short term but will be worth its weight in gold when seeking paid posts. Think of this as a review writer’s CV or portfolio. It’s evidence of your writing skills and research and a great way to show you are serious about producing engaging content.

Start by reviewing the most famous products, such as Apple and Microsoft. These brands are great for building your experience, and you can be sure a global audience will read your work. For example, if you are a sportswriter, you can only dream of having your work on the most prominent apps. But when writing reviews, nothing stops you from starting at the top. 

Be brave and enjoy what you are doing, but don’t let negative feedback or constructive criticism get you down in the early days. Potential employers will pay more attention to your work ethic and desire to succeed than the quality of your copy. That all changes when you write for profit but focus on the here and now.

Writing a useful review

Be honest. If you don’t like a product, say why it’s not for you, but do so constructively and intelligently. A negative comment can help create a well-balanced and reliable review. Be careful not to be overly critical – give your opinion but stick to the facts.

Read online tech product reviews. Find ways to improve on the poor ones and learn from those that impress you as a customer. Each review should be individual and relevant to your experience. 

Time is money or products

The top brand will likely pay cash for each review posted, and the more you write, the more you’ll earn. 

Smaller businesses reward their best writers by allowing them to keep the products they have reviewed. This is a popular way to get your hands on the best tech for free or at a reduced price.


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