How to Find Weed-Related Content on TikTok

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Do you love scrolling through social media platforms and watching entertaining skits? You might wonder how to find the best content about weed on TikTok. Stick around to discover more about marijuana videos on this platform. 

Cannabis enthusiasts use social media to campaign and teach people about this herb. Whether you want to know how to grow medical strains or the best weed-rolling tips, there’s something for you. 

Keep reading to learn how TikTok works and uncover genius ways of finding marijuana content. You’ll also discover the top stoner accounts to follow on the platform. 

Understanding how TikTok works

TikTok has strict policies that restrict cannabis enthusiasts and businesses from teaching or advertising about weed. You must learn how the platform’s algorithm works to upload and find marijuana content.

TikTok’s homepage displays videos depending on your interests and the people you follow. The platform recommends content related to the topics you mostly watch and interact with through following, liking, or commenting. 

Head to the “For You Page” to find videos that TikTok’s algorithm selects based on your interests. The “Following” section displays content that accounts you subscribe to have uploaded. 

4 best tricks to find weed-related content on TikTok

Now that you understand how the algorithms work, what’s the next step? Use these four tips to travel into the stoner TikTok world. 

1. Learn the weed TikTok slang

Before states started legalizing cannabis, pot lovers would create unique names to refer to marijuana without the authorities’ knowledge. In this digital era, ganja enthusiasts have come up with weed lingo to avoid the social media ban.

On TikTok, people use special symbols, names, and numbers to refer to cannabis. 420 is among the popular slang terms in the weed community. 

Pot lovers on TikTok also use emojis like herbs, broccoli, deciduous trees, and maple leaves to signify cannabis.

2. Use stoner hashtags

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok use hashtags to enable people to discover topics based on their preferences and interests.

If you search weed content using words like cannabis and marijuana, you might not find the stoner videos you want. TikTok’s algorithm picks such names, flags them down, and removes the posts with those terms. 

Pot enthusiasts avoid this by creating unique hashtags that the platform doesn’t notice or restrict. Popular phrases to find content about weed on TikTok include: 

  • #w33d
  • #st0nertikt0k
  • #ouid
  • #hitsblunt
  • #420
  • #st0netok

Besides using these phrases to find content, you can follow them to trick the platform’s algorithm. Search for cannabis hashtags and keywords, then click on “Add to Favorites” to get more videos with those terms. 

3. Follow stoner accounts

The most straightforward way to keep your TikTok account flowing with stimulating weed videos is by following popular content creators. Since marijuana is a vast topic, interact with people who upload content in the niches you like.

After watching an exciting video about marijuana, follow the one who uploaded it. Doing this shows TikTok’s artificial intelligence (AI) that you like the content, triggering it to display similar media. 

4. Work around the algorithm 

Once you discover entertaining weed skits and memes, work around the algorithm to always find such content. How? Use these three mechanisms: 

  • View full videos: Watching content halfway and scrolling to another one shows the platform you don’t like it. After finding amazing skits, stick to the end to signify that they interest you. 
  • Interact with weed content: After viewing stoner videos, like and comment on them. Save the media and share it on other platforms. These actions trigger the algorithm to suggest similar posts.

Top stoner TikTok accounts to follow 

TikTok has numerous content creators teaching about different topics. From how to invest in cryptocurrency as a cannabis entrepreneur to the best marijuana growing tips. 

Follow the creators that upload amazing TikTok weed videos to find stoner content whenever you log into your account. 

Do you want to spend hours watching entertaining cannabis skits? Check out the following accounts: 

  • SheSmokesJoints: Enjoy the cannabis high while watching nature videos, entertaining stories, and weed-rolling tips from this account.
  • IndohGoddess: If you’re a stoner raising kids, this TikToker is for you. The account owner uploads humorous content about parenting and smoking pot. Her content has garnered over one million likes and more than 43K followers. 
  • CheechandChong: The classic cannabis comedians, Tommy and Marin, run one of the most famous TikTok accounts. The duo has over seven million followers and uploads entertaining skits, lip-syncing videos, and tackles interesting weed topics. 
  • SativaDiva1997: Kadija, the account handler, is among the famous TikTokers, with over 580K followers and 24 million likes. Spend your stoner moments watching her Baked Takes episodes for engaging content.
  • TheHighWoman: Do you want to learn more about cannabis? Follow this account and watch the informative and detailed reviews of marijuana merchandise like bongs and grinders. The owner also handles various weed queries and topics. 

Explore while baked

Do you enjoy spending hours watching TikTok weed videos? Use these tricks always to find the marijuana content. 

Remember to follow the top content creators and learn more about this wondrous herb. Use the platform to discover where to buy seeds and find out how to grow like a pro.


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