How To Find Amazon Chat History? 6 Simple Steps

How To Find Amazon Chat History? 6 Simple Steps

There’s a common misconception about Amazon not having a Customer Service live chat. Of course, Amazon’s aim is to satisfy its customers so it does make sense for them to have a Customer Service live chat platform to receive feedback and complaints from their customers. However, how do you find Amazon’s Customer Service live chat history?

Amazon’s Customer Service live chat history can be found in the mobile app’s live chat. Once you open the application, navigate to “Customer Service” and navigate to “I need more help”, this should lead you to a live chat between you and Amazon’s customer support. To see the history, just scroll up.

In case you’ve had prior communication with Amazon’s Customer Service, and you need to find the chat history, I will explore steps to help you find it in this article.

Is It Possible To Find Amazon’s Chat History?

How To Find Amazon Chat History? 6 Simple Steps

Amazon’s Customer Service live chat not only connects you to a Customer Service agent in real-time but also allows you to access previous chat history. So, if you’ve ever interacted with Amazon’s customer support via live chat, you can access the chat history.

Considering that almost every household essentials including clothes and groceries are gotten from Amazon by millions of users, there’s no doubt there’s going to be a need to contact Customer Service at a particular point to initiate a return, make changes to an order, or make some other request on your pending order. 

Just like other e-commerce websites these days, when you try to initiate a chat with customer support, you’re first welcomed by a bot that tries to answer your question if it’s a popular question that can be easily answered. If the issue is beyond its abilities, you’ll be connected to a real Customer Service agent. 

How to find Amazon chat history?

Navigating to your chat history, You’ll need to be able to navigate to the Customer Service live chat first. Here’s how to navigate to the live chat:

On The Desktop App:

Step 1- Open Amazon On Your Desktop Browser: 

Navigate to your tab and input Amazon’s web address. This will take you to Amazon’s homepage.

Step 2- Navigate Down To The Footer Of The Page To Find The “Let Us Help You” Section:

Once you navigate down to the footer, you’ll see different sections and subsections in the footer. Look for the “let us help you” section.

Step 3- Click On “Help”:

After finding the let us help you section, click on help. You’ll be directed to a page with a list of help topics. 

Step 4- Navigate To “Browse Help Topics” And Click “Need More Help?”:

This will open a tab to the right side of your screen with a “Need more help” menu.

Step 5- Click On Contact Us:

Once you click on “contact us” you’re directed to a page where you’re asked to either chat with the Customer Service agent or call them.

Step 6- If You’ve Chatted With Customer Support Before, You’ll See A “Start A New Chat” Button. If You Have, You’ll See A “Continue Chat From Earlier Button”:

Once you see either of these buttons, click on it. Then you’ll be directed to a live chat with a Customer Service associate.

On The Mobile App:

How To Find Amazon Chat History? 6 Simple Steps

Step 1- Log In To Your Amazon Account On The Mobile App:

You’ll need to log in with your email and password. This will give you access to your Amazon account where you can shop and do other activities.

Step 2- Click On The More Options Icon:

The more options icon is the three-lined icon by the bottom corner to your right on your screen. Once you click on this, it takes you to more options where you can click on different options including settings and Customer Service.

Step 3- Navigate To “Customer Service”:

After Clicking on this, you’ll be taken to a new screen with different options on what or why you need to contact Customer Service. The options may include- Return to your open chat with a Customer Service associate, Help with a different item, and, Get help with something else.

Step 4- If You’ve Had Recent Chats With A Customer Service Associate, Click On “Return To Your Open Chat With A Customer Service Associate”, If Not, Click On “ Get Help With Something Else”:

If you choose the first option, you’ll be directed to a page where you’re asked to either “Continue your precious chat?” or “start a new chat”. Just as their subject title implies, if you click on “Continue your previous chat?”, You’ll be directed to a page with your previous chats to continue from where you stopped. If you click on “Start a new chat” you’ll be directed to a brand new conversation with the Customer Service associate.

If you choose “Get help with something else”, you’ll be directed to a list of options. Scroll down and navigate to “Something else”.

Step 5- Click On “Something Else”:

After clicking on this, you’ll be directed to a “Tell us what happened with this” menu. Navigate to “I need more help” and click on it.

Step 6- Click On “I Need More Help”:

Once you click on “I need more help”, you’ll be asked if you’d like to:

  • Continue your previous chat?
  • Start a new chat.

You can choose whichever action you’d like to take. Once chosen, you’ll be directed to the live chat with a Customer Service associate.

Now that you know how to Navigate to a live chat with Amazon’s Customer Service Associate, finding your chat history is easy.

To see your Chat History, all you have to do is in step 6 above. Click on “Continue Your Previous Chat” and just scroll up. Here you’ll have all your previous chats available. 

How to delete Amazon chat history:

How To Find Amazon Chat History? 6 Simple Steps

There are different ways to do this on the web app and the mobile app.

On the web app:

Step 1- Go to your browsing history: 

Open your browsing history on Amazon. You’ll see all of your history listed out.

Step 2- Click “Remove”:

This button is found next to each item you’ll like to remove. To remove all and clear all your history, click “Remove all items”.

On the mobile app:

All you have to do on the mobile app is to click “start a new chat”. This deletes your previous chats with the Customer Service assistant.

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