How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History

How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History In 2022?

Apple Pay has been one of the best digital wallets that solve the problem of users taking around all their credit cards hence putting them at risk of losing the cards. The payment portal prides itself on its NFC feature that allows users to use the contactless payment method to complete their transactions. However, what if you want to erase some or all of your transaction history, can you delete Apple Pay transaction history? Can you hide the transaction history?

You can delete your Apple Pay transaction history by removing the card in which you want to delete its history. Although you cannot delete individual transaction histories, you can turn off the transaction so that the transaction history doesn’t get stored on your device if you don’t want them. 

In this piece, I’ll shed more light on deleting the Apple Pay transaction history and the steps you can take to clear your transaction history if you ever want to. I’ll also take you through the steps on how to hide your Apple Pay transaction history if you don’t ever want your transaction history to be shown in your Apple Pay. This is a better alternative to deleting the entire transaction history.

Can You Delete Apple Pay Transaction History?

How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History In 2022?

Although Apple Pay doesn’t have the function that allows users to delete specific transactions whenever they want to, users can completely delete the transaction history on a card by removing the card from Apple Pay. 

This is because as users make purchases with their cards, the transaction history is permanently stored on the application’s memory and since Apple Pay expects your bank to also send you a receipt via your email of transactions you performed, Apple Pay doesn’t see a reason why you’ll want to delete your transaction history. However, the digital wallet application does come with a feature that lets you hide your Apple Pay transactions permanently.

Although the transactions won’t be permanently deleted from your transaction history, you can easily hide transactions instead of permanently deleting the transaction. 

This feature was created so users won’t need to delete their transaction history just in case they’ll need details of the transaction in the future for any reason at all. So Apple Pay gives you the option to choose between permanently deleting your card history by permanently removing your credit or debit card or, hiding your transactions so users won’t be able to access your transaction history. 

Deleting your transaction history May put you at risk if you ever need the transaction details for a return in the future or probably in a court case where you need to provide the history as evidence. 

This is why Apple Pay doesn’t advise its users to delete their transaction history because it’s unsafe as you may need the details in the later future. However, if you still need to go ahead with deleting your transaction history, you can delete it by removing your credit card from Apple Pay. 

In case you may need details of that particular transaction in the future, you can reach out to your bank and get your bank statement for review purposes. In addition, since the bank sends a monthly bank statement, you can use that to access the details of the transaction. However, you must know that all Apple Pay transactions all have the same description irrespective of the action you take or the transaction you made. 

The description remains the same because Apple Pay isn’t supposed to share customer details with a third party. So if they do share your transaction details with your bank, that will be a breach of the agreement which may make Apple Pay liable to be sued by customers. 

This is why Apple Pay doesn’t encourage deleting your transaction history because the exact details of your transaction made with Apple Pay only exist on Apple Pay. 

Apart from this, you can access deleted transaction history from your bank by requesting your bank statement if you ever need to review your monthly transaction history. Most Apple Pay transactions done with your card will show a transaction description that says “Apple Pay …” so you’ll know the transaction was done with your Apple Pay. 

How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History

How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History In 2022?

The following steps will take you through how to permanently delete your Apple Pay transactions history:

Step 1: Launch Your Apple Pay Wallet App

Open the Apple Pay application on your iPhone or your iPad.

Step 2: Go To Bank Card

Go to the bank card section and click on it. Select the card from which you want to delete its transaction history. 

Step 3: Click The Three Dots

These three dots can be found in the top right corner of your screen. Click on it to access a list of options. 

Step 4: Select Transactions 

Click on transactions to access all of your transactions and your entire transaction history. 

Step 5: View The Statement From From Your Card Issuer

You can go on to view the statement from your card issuer by selecting Apple Pay activity. Make sure to verify the last four numbers of the cards and the device account number that was sent to the merchant.

Step 6: Change Your Billing Address

Change your billing address to a different address so you will be able to delete the  Apple Pay transaction history with the particular card you want to remove. 

Step 7: Remove Card

Finally, remove the card from your wallet and watch your transaction history be cleared. 

After removing the card, all transactions done with this card will be cleared and you won’t have any transaction history tied to this particular card you just removed. As said earlier, deleting your transaction history will involve permanently removing your credit card or debit card from the Apple Pay wallet however, when you add the card back to the wallet, you still will not be able to access the previous transaction histories done before removing the card because those histories have been permanently deleted. 

Can You Hide Apple Pay Transactions?

How To Delete Apple Pay Transaction History In 2022?

If you don’t want to delete your transaction history permanently by removing your credit or debit card from your apple wallet, you can hide your transaction history on your Apple Pay so your transaction history will not appear in the wallet. This is a method of keeping your transaction history from people who would try to access your Apple Pay without your permission and also protecting your transaction details from being exposed. 

So it’s highly advisable that instead of completely removing your card because you want to delete your transaction history, simply turn off the transaction history feature in the transactions option on your Apple Pay. 

How To Hide Apple Pay Transactions

The following steps will take you through how to hide your transaction history:

Step 1: Open Your Apple Pay

Launch the Apple Pay application on your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 2: Tap On Preferred Card

Tap on the card that you want to hide your transaction history so you can access the card’s features.

Step 3: Tap On The Options Icon

Tap on the three-dotted options icon to access more options.

Step 4: Click On Transactions

Tap on transactions to view your transaction history. 

Step 5: Turn Off Transaction History

Click on turn off transaction history to hide your transaction history on the app. 

Once you’ve hidden your transaction history, whenever anybody tries to access your transaction history, they won’t be able to gain access as they’d think you already cleared your transaction history.


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