How to Create a Video with Pictures | Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Slide shows have been around for a long while and are loved by everyone, from creators to viewers. Whether it is for corporate events or birthday pictures, they have come a long way.

Videos are a great way to summarize and highlight special events, especially for in-house content creators. They also encourage engagement and are easy to make. So if you want to get more out of your professional photos from an event, why turn them into a video and present them to your audience?

The easiest way to make videos from photos and add music to video is to use various editing tools. You don’t necessarily have to be a filmmaker to do it, as there is numerous video editing software that you can use.

Essential Tips When Creating Videso with Pictures 

Create a Good Setup

You need to find and create the media that will be used for your videos. You can’t just copy and paste a couple of photos into a frame, add some copyright-free music, and immediately call it a day. 

You should also create videos for different purposes, such as promotional or personal use. To ensure that it looks professional and elicits the right emotions, you must plan ahead. 

However, even the most advanced video editor software may only be able to do some things. So, here are some essential steps that will help you get started.

Select the Photos That You Need

When creating videos using photos, the quality of the images will be the most crucial aspect, as you must produce a video masterpiece with good-quality materials. 

In addition, you can get 8M+ high-quality stock footage on a free website without any copyright issues.

You will also need different types of photos when creating videos. If you want to make a personal video for yourself, you do not need a professional camera or high-quality photos. Images taken with your smartphone will do the job.

Photo Editing

You should create a professional video using high-quality photos. You should take all of them with the same camera.

One of the most critical factors you should consider when it comes to fixing the exposure issues in your photos is color, saturation, and contrast. Moreover, there is a wide range of free online photo editors that you can utilize to enhance your photos.

Decide on What type of Video You’re Creating

The photos you use for your video will depend on the type of project that you are working on. There are so many possibilities that you can choose from, and the goal of the video will determine which photos you use.

If you want to create a time-lapse video, you would need to create a lot of photos. For instance, if you’re going to create a video about how your flowers develop, you would need to take hundreds of pictures. 

This process would take a lot of time, and you would need to take photos simultaneously every week.

Select a Good Music for the Video

The music in a video is very important, as it can help create a more engaging and interactive experience for the viewers. Without it, the video will look like a slideshow.

You don’t have to search the internet for the best possible music to use in your videos. You can easily add music to videos by simply uploading it to the media library of your favorite video editing software.

Create Your Video with Pictures: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve been thinking about creating a video for your personal or business use, you’ve likely already started preparing for the process. However, for most people, video editing can be a daunting task.

Step #1: Choose a Good Template

After you choose a good video-creating tool, the Pre-made templates will be automatically selected as the default. 

You can start from scratch by selecting the Blank Template option, though we recommend sticking with our professional templates to get used to the tool.

Step #2: Import Your Chosen Photos

The editor will automatically load after around three to five seconds. You will then be able to see a variety of options on the left side of the video.

Step #3: Add Your Photos to the Timeline

The process of adding photos to your timeline is simple if you use a pre-made template that’s been created. Drag and drop the photos into the video’s center.

You can choose to replace the old image or add new ones on top of it. With each new addition, you can play with the others from the advanced timeline.

Step #4: Select Good Music, Then Add

You can easily add music to your videos by navigating to the Music section on the left-hand side. There, you can choose from hundreds of tracks sorted by genre.

From the menu, you can play each track and see if it fits your video. You can also add a song to the background before or after it plays.

You can also upload your own audio files, just like you would with the music library. To do so, go to My Collection and click on the “upload” button. You can then choose up to 100 songs at once and use them for future videos.

Step #5: Export the Video

You can create a professional-quality video from photos in just a couple of minutes. You can then share it with your contacts and colleagues.

After you’re satisfied with the creation, click the export button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can download the video, share it on social media, or get a link to the preview.

Final Thoughts

You can start by taking a couple of pictures. Then, use a video creation app to create a high-quality video. But if you need clarification about how to start creating a video with pictures properly, you just have to think of the best way to do it. Above are the steps that will help you make the process easier. 


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