How to Anonymously Send Money on PayPal

A lot of PayPal users are looking for ways to make payments anonymously on the platform. Not many people are so keen on giving out their personal details and rightly so. In this article, I’ll be teaching you how to send money anonymously on PayPal. 

Paypal doesn’t officially provide the option to send money anonymously. However, there are steps you can take to hide your personal details when making transactions and thus make payments anonymously. 

Paying for a service, making donations, buying a physical product, or getting paid are things that have become very easy online. However, this convenience comes at a price and I’m not talking about the money you spend. The price is your digital privacy. Any transaction you make online is recorded with your data being on display. This makes it very difficult to remain anonymous when making payments online. 

PayPal is the most popular online payment method that makes sending and receiving money very convenient. But many people are considering leaving the platform due to not being able to send money anonymously. This guide will teach you how to be anonymous in PayPal transactions and you won’t have to leave the platform. Continue reading to find out how to send money anonymously on PayPal. 

Does PayPal show your name when you send money?

The amount of details PayPal show when you send money depends on the type of account or the type of payment. If you are sending money to a seller for a product, the transaction will show your name, address, and email address. The reason for this is to assist the seller with the shipping of your product. You, on the other hand, will only be able to see the name of your seller as you don’t need their address or email address (i.e you don’t need their shipping information).

If you run a personal account, your name and email address will be shown in the details of a transaction. However, only your email address and not your name will be shown if you send a payment as a personal payment or gift. If your Paypal account is a business account, it is only your registered business name that will be shown in transactions. It’s common to see people hiding their real name on PayPal by setting up a business account then using their pen name as their business name. Anyone you send money to won’t be able to see your name although you’ll still have to tell PayPal your name during registration. 

How to anonymously send money on PayPal

This is the part you’ve been waiting for, right? First of all, PayPal has a somewhat spotty track record when it comes to respecting its users’ data. The platform is safe overall and that’s why they are the most popular payment platform in the world. The first thing to do when attempting to be anonymous in PayPal transactions is to register an account on the platform with a throwaway email address.

This means you won’t use your primary email address. Create a new email address and use it to register. So if PayPal shows your email during transactions, it’s not going to be your primary personal email address or work email address. 

You’ll also need to fund your account with a virtual credit card. People also use prepaid cards and by doing this, they avoid using their personal debit or credit cards connected to their bank accounts. Also, they avoid disclosing banking information associated with their bank accounts. 

Registering your account as a business account will also give you the option to set a business name that will be used displayed in transactions. You can therefore set the business mail as your pen name or nickname and this is the name that will be displayed in transactions. This may seem a bit cumbersome but you have to do it if you want to be anonymous when sending money. 

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Can a PayPal account be traced?

I think it’s an open secret that no online money-transfer site is 100% safe. But some online transfer sites are safer than others. Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to scam people and access their financial information. However, PayPal is an online payment platform you can trust.

And that’s why several people all over the world use PayPal to send and receive money. The fact that PayPal has been around for a long time and also have a good reputation is one of the reasons why people trust PayPal. 

PayPal has a secure and encrypted website that protects users and prevents their information from being traced. If you hear of PayPal hacks or error occurring anywhere, it is usually due to a customer accidentally revealing or leaking his/her own personal information. 

How Well are PayPal Payments Encrypted?

PayPal has encryption that is specifically designed to prevent the financial information of their users from leaking. Sites like PayPal thrive off the good reputation they’ve built over the years and should there be cases of a security breach in their system, they’ll quickly lose the trust of customers. And that’s bad for business. This is why PayPal has so many security measures that users find frustrating at times. But it’s all for your own good. 

You can learn more about how PayPal protects your data to keep everything safe at PayPal online Security Center. So, as long as you use PayPal properly, avoid divulging your password, logins, and personal information, then you have nothing to worry about. Your account and duns are well protected. PayPal stores all your personal information on servers that are heavily guarded digitally by software and physically by PayPal employees. 

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