How to Add SMS Text Messaging Functionality to Website?

How to Add SMS Text Messaging Functionality to Website?

With the advancement of the internet and modern technology, SMS texts have fallen into the background. Today, it is much easier to send a message over the Internet that will reach another person for free in a matter of seconds. The Internet also allows us to see if another person is active on a particular social network and if they have seen the message. SMS messages do not have such capabilities. However, in some situations when we need to contact a person who does not have the Internet, it is best to call or send an SMS. So how to add SMS text messaging functionality to your website?

To add SMS text messaging functionality to your website you need to choose an SMS API provider. Once you have selected a provider, simply put lines of code given by the provider to your website needed to send an SMS from your website. The rest of the work will be done for you by the API provider.

If you’re wondering why your website should have the option of texting, the answer is pretty simple. Not all people in this world have the Internet to contact them through it. In these situations, if you want the person to read the message in just a few seconds, send them an SMS. We are so burdened with the internet today that many do not remember to buy a voucher for mobile, so they do not even have the option of sending SMS messages. Here comes your site that will allow everyone to send free SMS messages in emergencies.

Can you send SMS from the website?

Yes, SMS can be easily sent from the website. There are many websites that allow you to send free text messages. Some of them require registration, while other sites do not even require it. These are mostly short messages that involve only a small number of characters, such as 100 characters. In them, of course, you cannot send pictures.

The procedure is usually very simple. The first thing you need to do is find a website that allows you to send text messages. There are currently several sites that allow you to send SMS messages such as GlobFone, A Free SMS. On these pages, simply enter the number to which you want to send the message and the text of the message, and then send your SMS.

Apart from the website, SMS can also be sent via email, as a link. You can also put the Chrome Extension. If you are a Gmail user, adding Send Your Email to SMS (text) chrome extensions will allow you to very easily send 10 SMS messages for free each month. Some applications allow you to send SMS messages. For example, if you have a Google voice account, you can send text messages through it. However, google voice currently only works in Canada and America.

How to add SMS text messaging functionality to a website?

If you are thinking of adding SMS text messages to a website, first think carefully about whether you need this feature and whether people will use it. As technology advances, performance and delivery can be problematic, especially in countries with poorer telecommunications networks. The problem is that each market has different SMS requests, and all messages that do not comply with these requirements will be rejected, which means that the person will never receive them. Also, be sure to enter the country number you are sending to and pay attention to the special characters you use. If you forget to remove special characters, an error may occur, which will prevent you from sending an SMS. It may be a bigger problem than they will write to you that the SMS was sent successfully, but it will never be delivered, which will not inform you.

If you have nevertheless decided that you want to have SMS text messaging functionality on a website. What now?

The first thing you need to do is get an SMS gateway that will allow you to connect your web with the mobile network. An SMS gateway allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your computer. Depending on the type of SMS a gateway can allow you to send a message within local or international telecommunication networks. The SMS Gateway actually translates the message sent and makes it more compatible to send over the Internet to successfully reach the recipient of the SMS. Previously, the SMS gateway literally used the physical part of the computer in which the SIM card was inserted and embedded radios. Today, the SMS gateway usually connects SMS text messages to the telco network via an SMPP interface.

Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) is a protocol that allows you to send SMS messages between applications and mobile phones. It is an open type of protocol that allows flexible communication of data for the transmission of short messages between External Short Message Entities. Routing Entities and Message Centers. The exchange of SMS messages between mobile devices and applications takes place by connecting the SMPP connection with a Short Message Service Center.

The things you need for all this to work is to choose the right SMS API. API is the connection between two or more applications that allows data exchange between systems. If you want your website to have a global audience, you need to overcome some problems that occur during implementation and transmissions involving countries with specific SMS requirements or formats. To ensure that messages are actually sent and that no errors occur that you will not even know have occurred, you must choose one of the trusted SMS API providers.

Once you have opted for one of the SMS API, all you need to do is add a few lines in your website code. When creating your website you can use standard web languages that speak to global SMS carriers. Once you insert the link, clients will be able to send a message to your website. For example, if you used Twilio as an API provider, once the application requests Twilio, Twilio sends a message and the user receives an SMS. Your job is just to set the correct code.

Of course, you can use any SMS API provider for your website. There are numerous API providers on the market, many of which provide intensive customer support and give you simple instructions for setting up SMS text message functionality on the website. Some providers allow you to send and receive SMS, managing contacts, delivering reports, and other features. It is up to you to find the best API provider that will provide you with all the services you need and at the same time work efficiently in the area from which you are sending SMS text.

What’s the most reliable API provider?

It is difficult to say exactly which is the most reliable API provider. Some of the most reliable on the market are Twilio, Nexmo, and Tropo. However, keep in mind that different providers of API services do not work equally effectively in all countries around the world. Recent testing has shown that Nexmo, for example, operates effectively in a number of countries in Europe, but not in France. On the other hand, Nexmo is not doing so well in America, so choosing Twilio might be a better option there. To make it easier to choose the right provider for your website, it is best to study the test results and choose the provider that has achieved the best results in the area where you want the website to operate.

Although SMS is falling into oblivion, more and more companies are offering a specific service of sending SMS messages from a computer. Most of these services are used for business purposes and allow you to send an SMS from your computer to a large number of different mobile phone numbers in just a few steps. Such companies will charge you for the service in one of two ways: based on credits or based on SMS. If you are paying through a loan, you must purchase a certain number of loans. Sending SMS messages will cost you one or more credits, depending on the county you are sending a text from. If you pay based on SMS, then simply buy a certain number of SMS messages that you can send. If you need this kind of service, simply go to one of the sites, register, and start your collaboration.

Some of the API providers that allow you to improve your relationship with consumers by sending them SMS are BurstSMS US, Plivo, and Mogreet. For example, BurstSMS US  is an API that allows building apps that can send and receive SMS. It converts replies from SMS to email or sends an email and delivers it as a text message. This is a great API provider for a business that is efficient in the US, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.


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