How residential proxies ensure safe browsing sessions

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Measuring safety and security on the internet has never been more difficult. For the average internet user that sticks to the most popular websites, the web offers a much less private but safe browsing experience.

That being said, scammers and cybercriminals are still rampant in 2023. With less focus on individual users, most hackers look for data leaks, tracking, phishing, and other vulnerabilities within smaller businesses.

While the big players get all the headlines, the main victims of cyberattacks are smaller companies and the average web surfers. As the web got safer in other aspects, the false sense of has clouded our judgment for identifying threats.

Fortunately, modern companies and business-minded persons have simple but incredibly flexible tools for online privacy and security. In this article, our goal is to address the benefits of additional layers of protection when browsing online. Here we will focus on safety options that have a profound positive effect on your browsing experience. For example, proxy servers can help protect individuals in many different ways. With the help of a legitimate proxy provider, you get options to hide your identity and control every aspect of your internet connection. A great example of the extent of these tools is rotating residential proxies. They utilize more addresses in the available fleet to enhance online security and have the ability to swap between addresses at decided intervals. For now, let’s go over the main internet risks in 2023, and the functionalities of proxy servers before we get back to rotating residential proxies.

Know your enemy

While the idea of the average hacker still lives on, some internet privacy enthusiasts provide convincing arguments on who the real enemy is. Modern tech giants have many addictive products that do not cost us any money.

However, we the internet users pay for these pleasures in other currencies. Tech companies that operate the most popular apps and frequently visited websites have all the tools in the world to spy on internet users and know every detail of our lives.

Stop DDoS attacks

Although not many cybercriminals know how to launch serious attacks to penetrate the database and install malware, anyone in possession of your or your company’s IP address can launch a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that sends more connection requests than your network can handle.

While the attacker never stands a chance of entering your device and/or private network, these actions are very easy to set up and quickly crash your internet connection. When the connection comes back, petty criminals may choose to continue DDoS attacks. In such cases, there is no other option but to request a public IP change from the internet service provider.

Proxy servers – the best online privacy solution

Proxy servers provide flexible solutions for the problems described above.  At first glance, an intermediary station that changes the header of your data packets may seem like a very primitive tool. However the strength of proxies lies in simplicity, implementation of extra features, and overall health of the entire network.

Choose residential proxies

Most proxy suppliers separate their services into two major categories: data center proxies and residential addresses. Datacenter IPs provide a simple quick solution with fast internet speeds and a reliable swap of your network identity. Datacenter proxies are good for casual browsing sessions and implementation of reverse proxies for company websites. They ensure that the incoming visits and connection requests do not wish to harm the web server and redistribute the incoming load to maintain optimal performance.

While datacenter proxies are still a solid option, these addresses are a bit different from regular internet traffic. If you check the IP and try to trace back its origins, it will not have a designated internet service provider. Some websites see these connections as not trustworthy and blacklist the entire bulk of datacenter IPs to avoid suspicious activities.

All things considered, datacenter IPs are no match for residential proxies. First of all datacenter fleets usually do not exceed a couple of thousand addresses. Meanwhile, the best residential proxy providers have tens of millions of secure, untraceable proxy IPs from real phones, tablets and computers. These addresses have a designated internet service provider. Such connections blend in perfectly with regular internet traffic, keeping your real identity safe at all times.

Residential proxies are the best security solution because of these extra anonymity features. Some modern companies do not allow employees to access the web without residential proxy backup.

Residential proxies are safe and useful

Aside from their security features, the best residential proxies are far more flexible than the average user experience. Internet users cannot change their IP address at will, while a proxy provider offers millions of options in all countries.

The versatility of residential proxies is their main selling point because the manipulation of connections allows you to avoid third-party surveillance and control. By changing your IP with an option from another country, you can unlock access to blocked websites that are unavailable in your region.

Alongside safety and anonymity control, the features that make residential proxies great are perfect for the protection of data scrapers, social media bots, and the automation of other processes. By splitting one connection into different proxy IPs, company employees can perform data-sensitive tasks and avoid blacklisting from social media sites and competitor websites.


Residential proxies are essential for safe and efficient browsing in 2023. Their connections look too similar to regular internet traffic, and if one address gets banned or fails to connect, you can always get a new one!


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