How AI is Improving People Search Sites

How AI is Improving People Search Sites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated almost every sphere of human life, from healthcare to cybersecurity and content creation. Image analysis software, search engines, and face recognition systems are working together to improve people’s searches.

How to find people with the help of AI

Not surprisingly, many people search websites employ AI-based software to refine search results, avoid duplicate entries, and distinguish between individuals with the same names. It’s very easy to look up people online and find the right person as a result.

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AI started a revolution in image searching

Powerful AI technology has made reverse image searching possible in recent years. A well-built reverse image search engine can link an image to a name in no time.

It will then show all similar facial images that exist online. AI is thus invaluable in looking up one’s social media profiles.

AI endows search engines with human understanding

The AI products in Google’s core allow the search engine to understand more complex sentences. Instead of just entering “John Smith, Iowa,” you can refine the results by entering “John Smith, Iowa, wife Bettany.”

Without AI, people’s search reports would’ve been unreadable

Had it not been for AI and machine learning, people’s search reports would have been extremely long, and their results – challenging to interpret.

The most reliable people search services heavily use AI to extract and systematize the most relevant information about a person on not more than three pages.

AI understands the search’s purpose

Almost all people’s search sites use intelligent software to show relevant results based on the search’s purpose.

If requested, their AI tools can prioritize social accounts to criminal records and vice versa. This unprecedented flexibility allows the searcher to fine-tune the people check scope on the go.

AI helps soulmates meet

Adult dating apps like Tinder use intelligent software to show suitable matches. Some dating sites’ AI assistants will help you build an attractive profile; others will come up with witty lines to liven up your chat.

Users can teach AI-based search tools to be more effective

Perhaps the most impressive feature of all people’s search engines with AI cores is that they can be taught to scale down and refine searches.

Developers can, for instance, teach AI-based people to search apps to prioritize significant criminal charges over minor offences.

AI enables superior content indexing depth

Many people search services advertise themselves as being able to crawl the deep web for one’s archived forum posts or public chats.

Such immense content indexing depth was unthinkable before the invention of artificial intelligence. Now, AI-powered bots not only extract relevant snippets of information from the deep web but are also able to match them accurately to the search’s target.

Revolution in employment background checks

Recruiters use AI-powered search engines to carry out background checks on shortlisted candidates. These engines generate scaled-down reports faster and pinpoint the most suitable candidate as per the job’s description.

More effective identity verification

AI tools can help you search for people online by greatly facilitating identity verification.

If you can see all of your target’s images in a single search, you will be able to quickly verify their names, aliases, birth date, and address.

Repeated searches

When you purchase a people search report, the site will automatically email you updates as soon as new information appears.

This is possible thanks to AI-powered bots that automatically repeat certain people’s searches over set time periods.

Risk analysis

Artificial intelligence search engines can estimate if the checked individual’s criminal record makes them ineligible for the specified job. A subjective interpretation after a job interview can lead to the rejection of a perfectly suitable applicant.

AI’s biggest shortcoming

For now, the biggest shortcoming of every AI-based people search tool is that it can’t look behind its pre-loaded data points. Thus, it can miss important information that does not fit its creators’ search patterns.


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