Guide To IT Staff Augmentation

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What do you do when you need specific skills that your current team lacks, or when faced with tight deadlines? Hiring a new specialist requires time. Outsourcing the job means losing control over the process. Augmentation can be a favorable alternative. In this IT staff augmentation guide, we will review how this strategy allows businesses to add skilled professionals to their teams on an as-needed basis.

What Does It Mean To Work with Augmented Staff?

First things first, what is IT staff augmentation? Put simply, it is a flexible approach to hiring where companies temporarily bring in experts to bolster their existing teams. Unlike traditional hiring, this method focuses on filling specific skill gaps for defined periods. It’s ideal for projects that require specialized knowledge without the commitment of full-time hires.

Why Is Employee Augmentation Important?

Okay, let’s take a closer look at why IT staffing augmentation is so beneficial. The thing is that there are times when neither classic outsourcing nor hiring new experts fits the bill. Maybe you need to keep a project’s direction firmly in your hands. Or, perhaps, you’re dealing with a unique technology that your in-house team isn’t familiar with. Whatever it is, this practice allows you to bring in that expertise swiftly and seamlessly. This way your projects don’t skip a beat and remain aligned with your vision.

Benefits of Employee Augmentation

If you are in doubt whether or not IT staff augmentation services are worth it, take a look at the three major benefits you get with them.

  • Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of the IT staff augmentation framework is that you can respond rapidly to project demands. By rapidly, we mean a couple of days or so.

Imagine you’re in the final stages of developing a groundbreaking app. Suddenly, you realize you need AI expertise to enhance its features. Traditional hiring processes could take months. By this time, your competitors might have already taken the lead. With augmentation though, you can quickly onboard an AI expert.

  • Cost

The IT staff augmentation program allows you to avoid the expenses associated with full-time hires, such as

  • benefits,
  • taxes,
  • and long-term salaries.

For instance, what if your project requires niche skills for three months? Hiring a full-time employee would strain your budget. Augmentation, in turn, allows you to pay only for the expertise you need.


Outsourcing offers its advantages, of course, but the disconnect from your project’s vision and lack of direct oversight are serious drawbacks. Many companies are attracted by IT staff augmentation prospects exactly because it allows you to bring in external experts who work within your established frameworks and under your leadership.

For example, if your project requires adjustments, an augmented team member can adapt quickly because they’re immersed in your project’s ecosystem. This is particularly vital in projects where the end goal is fluid or subject to change.

Different Types of Staff Augmentation Services

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Now that you are familiar with the IT staff augmentation meaning, let’s find out which types of services exist in this field and how they differ from one another.

  • Traditional

This is the standard model. You bring in temporary experts to work onsite alongside your permanent team. They will fill specific roles as required.

  • Offshore

Here, you hire professionals from other countries, typically where labor costs are lower. The major benefit is obviously cost. The major limitation is the need for careful management.

  • Onshore

Similar to offshore, but you hire staff within your own country. This minimizes the challenges of time zone differences and cultural discrepancies. But the cost-saving benefit is no longer relevant here.

  • Remote

No matter where the expert comes from (maybe they even live in the same town where your business operates), they will work remotely. This model is popular because it’s flexible and opens access to a global talent pool.

  • Agile

As the name implies, this approach brings in professionals skilled in agile practices.

Steps of the Employee Augmentation Process

To implement the IT staff augmentation process, you need to complete four quick steps.

Step #1: Identify Your Needs

Before all else, you should define the skills missing in your team. Consult with project managers to understand the requirements. Then, list them down — this list will guide your talent search.

Step #2: Find the Right Person

Show your list to an agency experienced in fulfilling the IT staff augmentation responsibilities. Such agencies are the best option because they offer access to pre-vetted talent ready to jump into your projects.

Step #3: Integrate New Members

Once you’ve found your candidates, bring them up to speed on your project’s details, processes, and team structure. You must understand the task and goals in the same manner. The more you communicate with the employee, the more likely it is you’ll achieve mutual understanding.

Step #4: Support

Keep in regular contact with your new staff and the teams where they work. To address any issues early, you should be aware of them, right?

Final Thoughts

On balance, staff augmentation has many strategic advantages. Most notably, it saves you money and allows adapting quickly to project demands. As you are now aware of the different types of services, it may be easier for you to achieve your project objectives.


How do you ensure confidentiality with augmented staff?

This can be achieved with rigorous vetting of the staff and signing NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).

Can augmented staff work on multiple projects simultaneously?

Yes, they can do so, depending on the agreement.

What happens if an augmented expert doesn’t meet expectations?

The first step is to communicate the issues directly and try to resolve them. If performance doesn’t improve, you can work with the staffing agency to replace the individual. Agencies typically have policies for such scenarios.


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