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Social media has become almost essential in today’s world with millions of daily users worldwide. That’s why it’s considered an integral part of any brand’s digital marketing strategy, more so for e-commerce brands than others. However, most people don’t pay attention to SEO on social media and treat them as separate domains. This might be better for most businesses due to operational reasons, but combining these two can significantly improve your brand’s visibility. 

In this article, we’ve included some of the most important and actionable SEO tips for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to accelerate your business growth. Whether you’re a content marketer, social media marketer, or SEO analyst, you can leverage social media to drive more traffic to your sites and generate more sales.

Before we proceed, take a moment to consider the fact that you’ll need a good internet connection if you want faster results. SEO takes some time to take effect, and your internet shouldn’t be the limiting factor when you’re experimenting with SEO. Consider using CenturyLink Internet for a smooth, fast, and dependable online experience so you can continue providing the most value to your readers.

Why is Social SEO important?

SEO on social media is a bit different from organic search SEO in the sense that your main goal is to increase visibility on a specific platform. This entails leveraging that platform’s algorithms to achieve maximum impressions and foster more engagement. The fun part is that you don’t need to be overly tech-savvy to do this, and it’s super easy. 

Facebook SEO tips

Facebook has a comprehensive program for advertisers and businesses looking to reach a huge user base for their brand. It’s become easier than ever to create a page for your brand, engage with your existing customers, and reach new users. Here is a brief Facebook SEO checklist that you need to follow.

Page audit

To conduct a successful page audit on Facebook, you need to have a list of questions ready. Then, you can cross off the items that are doing well, and filter out the ones that need improvement. Ask yourself if the name of your brand instantly communicates what you do. Do the profile picture and cover image look okay and not cropped out? Are you using a clear and concise description of the type of products or services you offer and cover your brand’s identity?

Inserting keywords

Keywords are essential to any SEO campaign as they help the search engine know that the user query can be addressed here. They also help the platform understand the context of that page. This doesn’t mean keyword stuffing, as those days are long gone, but there are a few places where you can use keywords. Page descriptions, photo and video captions, and video tag sections in the Meta Business suite, are the most ideal places to place keywords.

Using locations

Have you noticed that you can tag the location when you’re posting a photo or video? This can help make your post visible in location-specific searches. For example, if someone looks up something similar to what you offer in the same area, your post might also appear in their search results. This can bring more visitors to your page, which can translate into more leads. 

Alt text

Using Alt text is important because it lets Facebook know the context of those images and videos. Additionally, people with limited access to images can better understand the images this way. 

Increasing engagement

Did you notice that Facebook prioritizes comments and moves up the post with more recent comments? Ideally, you should create a content calendar to schedule the posts in advance. You can post status updates with text only to keep your followers engaged. When someone comments on your post, you can respond, acknowledge it, and direct them to your website or a page.

Instagram SEO tips

Facebook and Instagram have slightly different audiences and Instagram lets you create visually appealing posts to attract more readers. It’s all about creating engaging photos, videos, and reels. Here is what you need to do on Instagram to perfect your SEO.


Similar to Facebook, the Instagram caption space is for you to let the readers know the context of your content and provide more information to those who’re looking. Moreover, it increases the chances of your post appearing in SERPs. 


Hashtags are used to categorize content into easily searchable groups for both people and search engines. If anyone looks up a hashtag, Instagram will cluster all the posts using that hashtag and display it to the user. This way, you can reach a wider audience to boost your growth. 


Much like TikTok, Instagram reels are short video clips to connect with the viewers. You can use the subtitle space as a way to boost your visibility for search engines and Instagram search queries. Instead of using third-party subtitle apps, you can use Instagram’s native caption and text feature. This will also make your content more accessible to people with limited functionality.


The ability of social media to keep users engaged by presenting them with engaging content can be leveraged to boost your online visibility. Be sure to follow these tips and see what works for you. If you feel like you’re not getting favorable results, don’t be afraid of making tweaks until you get it right.


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