Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In 2022

If you’re familiar with purchasing fresh produce, health foods, and supplements, then you must have had an encounter with Sprout Farmers Market because Sprout is a retail chain that sells fresh and healthy foods and products to customers who care about their health and also love fresh foods. This has led to Sprout seeing an increase in its customers since most people want to eat and live healthily. Due to this, it’s important to know if Sprouts takes its customers’ convenience seriously by implementing Apple Pay as one of its accepted payment methods.

Sprouts Farmers Market takes Apple Pay as one of its accepted payment methods. Just like Most American retail chain stores, Sprouts accepts Apple Pay because it’s a very convenient payment method for customers, especially with the contactless technology provided by Apple Pay’s NFC technology.

In this piece, I’ll explain how to use Apple Pay as a payment method at any Sprouts Farmers Market store across the nation so you can conveniently make your payment at the checkout stand whenever you go shopping for your fresh, healthy foods and products. I’ll also share with you other payment methods accepted at Sprouts. 

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay?

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In 2022

Sprouts Farmers Market, popularly known as Sprouts does take Apple Pay as a payment method whenever you want to complete your checkout process. 

In recent times, most American retail chain stores have begun accepting Apple Pay as a payment method to aid customers in having a better customer experience while completing their checkout process. These retail chain stores also include Sprouts Farmers Market.

Now customers can walk into any Sprouts store, pick up their fresh foods on the aisle, walk to the checkout point and use the contactless payment feature Apple Pay offers to checkout and go home to prepare their healthy food. It’s as easy as that because, with Apple Pay, customers don’t need to face long queues just to make cash or card payments with the point of sale machine. 

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In-store?

Yes, you can walk into any Sprouts store, pick the preferred healthy food you’ll like to purchase and walk to the checkout point to complete your purchase with Apple Pay. Sprouts make it easy for customers to complete their purchases by using Apple Pay’s contactless feature.

Since Sprouts is a very popular retail chain store with the reputation of providing healthy food products to their customers, a lot of customers choose the store for their healthy foods. This made the store put into consideration every process they can add to the customer shopping journey so the store’s customers can have a great customer experience whenever they shop at the store. 

Sprouts also encourage customers to use Apple Pay by offering them up to 3% cashback on every transaction performed at any Sprouts store using Apple Pay. If you use an Apple Pay card at any Sprouts store, you will be eligible for cashback from Apple. There are no transactional limits placed on this by Apple or Sprouts so for every transaction performed, you get cashback.

The percentage of cash given back is rumored to be up to 3% of every transaction performed with the Apple Pay card. So if you’re a regular shopper of Sprouts, it’s advisable to use the Apple Pay card so you can get regular cashback on every transaction you’ll be making at the store. This cashback will add up to huge savings in time.

How To Use Apple Pay At Sprouts

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In 2022

Before you can use Apple Pay at any Sprouts store, you need to set up your Apple digital wallet to access Apple Pay. In the process of setting this up, you’ll add your preferred payment card to the digital wallet so whenever you want to use Apple Pay, the card will be used. If you haven’t set up your wallet before, here are the steps:

How To Set Up Apple Wallet 

Step 1: Go To Your iPhone Settings And Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Open your phone’s settings and go to “Wallet & Apple Pay”.

Step 2: Add Your Card

After opening your wallet, tap “Add Card” and proceed to click on “Continue”. 

Go on to add your card details. You can add the details by either scanning the card to automatically add the details to your wallet or by entering the details of the card manually.

Step 3: Verify Your Card And Complete The Setup

Agree to Apple’s terms and conditions then complete all other required card verification steps. After verifying your card, your Apple Pay will now be ready to use as your card has now been added to your Apple wallet app and is ready to use. 

How To Use Apple Pay At Any Sprouts Physical Store On Your IPhone Or IPad 

Step 1: Choose Your Method Of Payment

After picking up your groceries, head to the store’s checkout point. You should receive a prompt on your iPhone or iPad to use Apple Pay as your preferred payment method to complete your purchase. If you don’t receive the prompt, ask any Sprouts attendant on sight or at the checkout counter. 

Step 2: Launch Your Wallet And Choose Your Preferred Card

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In 2022

Open your Apple Wallet on your iPhone or iPad. You can use the default card already set while setting your digital wallet or change the default card to another card. 

To change your card, tap on the default card and select the different card you’d like to use to complete your current checkout process.

Step 3: Authentication And Identity Verification

To verify your card on iPhones x and above or iPads without a home button, double-click on the power button to activate your Face ID scanner if your device uses Face ID for authentication. If Face ID is unavailable, input your passcode to complete the process. 

To verify your card on iPhones or iPads with a home button, place your finger on the home button to scan your Touch ID if your device uses Touch ID for authentication. If it’s unavailable, input your passcode to complete the process.

Step 4: Complete The Contactless Payment 

Hold your iPhone or iPad near the contactless reader or on top of it. Be patient enough to wait for the checkmark before removing your device.

How To Use Apple Pay At Any Sprouts Physical Store On Apple Watch:

Step 1: Open Apple Wallet And Choose Your Preferred Card

Double click on the Apple Watch side button to begin your payment process. Navigate through your Apple Watch to choose your card to complete the payment process.

Step 2: Complete The Purchase

Place your Apple Watch close to the contactless reader until you hear a slight chime and feel a subtle vibration. This signals that your payment has been successfully authenticated and processed successfully.

Other Payment Methods Accepted At Sprouts

Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay In 2022

Apart from Apple Pay, Sprouts also accepts other payment methods so as to give customers various choices. So if you want to use a different payment method at sprouts asides from Apple Pay, you can.

Sprouts accept other NFC-based applications like Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Google Pay. So if you’re an Android user that’d like to use the NFC technology, you can use any of the above payment methods. 

You can also pay with your debit or credit cards if you’d rather use this method at the point of sale machine. Cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc are accepted. You can also pay with cash, EBT cards, and Checks.


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