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Little Caesars was launched in 1959 by Mike Ilitch and his wife, Marian Ilitch and now the pizza restaurant chain has grown to become the third-largest pizza restaurant chain behind Dominos and Pizza Hut. As an iPhone user, paying with Apple Pay has made the check out process at any store easier since there won’t be a long line of people trying to make payment thanks to Apple Pay’s contactless feature and now this has led many users to want to know if their favorite outlets accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Just like you do with every other store, you must be wondering if Little Caesars accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, well here’s your answer 

Little Caesar does accept Apple Pay for payments. Users can use Apple Pay to complete their payments on both offline restaurants and the mobile app. Although it’s not yet confirmed if all Little Caesar stores accept Apple Pay, most of the stores are said to have integrated the payment method.

In this article, I’ll share with you how to use Apple Pay at Little Caesars and if there are other payment methods you can use instead of Apple Pay in cases where you may not be able to use Apple Pay at their stores. 

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay?

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay In  2022

Little Caesars does accept Apple Pay as a method of payment in-store and on the mobile application. So if you’re looking to order your favorite pizza, you can use Apple Pay as a payment method easily. 

Since its launch in 1959, Little Caesar has grown to become the third-largest pizza restaurant chain in the United States. This popularity and growth wouldn’t have been achieved if the restaurant doesn’t provide top-notch customer service and one of the ways to satisfy customers is by making sure every step of their purchase goes smoothly without a hitch.

This led to Little Caesars accepting Apple Pay to satisfy its customers as over half of the world’s population that uses a smartphone uses an apple device and this population also includes their customers. Capitalizing on this and making the payment process easier for customers also play a part in the success of the pizza restaurant chain. 

Now, every user that owns an iPhone or an apple device with their Apple digital wallet set up on it can use the contactless feature to make payments at any of Little Caesars’ pizza restaurants without having to face the inconvenience of staying too long on a line to complete their payment. 

Does Little Caesars Accept Apple Pay In-store?

Yes, Little Caesars does accept Apple Pay in any of their physical restaurants. Since most consumers just want to walk in and quickly grab a pizza, it’s important to also have a fast payment method that doesn’t keep the customers waiting after grabbing their pizza. 

Although not all Little Caesar stores will accept Apple Pay as a payment method mostly due to technical issues, to confirm if a Little Caesar stroke accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, you can search on Apple Pay maps. Once you search the Little Caesars on your apple map, navigate to the “useful to know” section and see if the apple pay logo appears or if the location says “Accepts Apple Pay”. 

This way you can confirm if the Little Caesars you’re heading to accepts Apple Pay as a method of payment. 

There are tendencies that you may perform the search to determine if the Little Caesars in your location accepts Apple Pay and even after confirming, you’d get there to see them not accepting Apple Pay due to technical difficulties, don’t worry just try to have an alternative payment method in place so whenever this happens, you’ll pay with the alternative. 

How To Use Apple Pay At Little Caesars

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay In  2022

Before you can use Apple Pay at Little Caesars, you need to have set up your Apple wallet first and have your cards stored on it. Here’s how to set up your Apple wallet:

How To Set Up Your Apple Wallet For Apple Pay

Step 1: Open Your Device Settings And Open “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Navigate to your device’s settings and open “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Step 2: Add Your Card And Enter Its Details

Click on “Add Card” and proceed by clicking “continue”. You’ll be directed to a page that requires you to choose your payment type. Once you’ve selected your payment type, you can now proceed to add your credit card or debit card by entering the details manually or scanning the card to automatically enter its details.

Step 3: Verify Your Card

You’ll need to accept Apple’s terms and conditions so you’ll be able to proceed to verify your card by completing all other required verification steps.

Step 4: Complete Wallet Setup

Once you’re done verifying your card, your Apple Pay is now ready to use.

How To Use Apple Pay At Little Caesars Physical Store:

Step 1: Select Your Payment Type

Inform the Little Caesars attendant that you’ll like to use Apple Pay as your preferred method of payment. 

Step 2: Launch Your Wallet And Select Your Payment Card 

Open the wallet on your apple device and choose your preferred card for the payment. If you’re using the default card, you can go on to complete the payment.

If you want to change the default card and use a different card, tap on the default card and select the different card you’d like to use for the payment. 

Step 3: Validate Your Card

For Face ID verification, double click on the side button to activate the Face ID scanner. If the Face ID is unavailable, you can enter your Apple ID’s password to complete the process

For Touch ID verification, place your finger on the home button. If the Touch ID is unavailable, you can enter the Apple ID password to complete the process. 

Step 4: Perform Contactless Transaction 

Hold your device near the contactless reader until you see “Done” and a checkmark is displayed on your screen. 

How To Check Out On Little Caesars Mobile App With Apple Pay 

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay In  2022

Little Caesars allows users to complete their checkout process using Apple Pay. Here’s how to use Apple Pay to finish your payment proceeds on Little Caesars’ mobile app

Step 1: Open The Little Caesars App and Login To your Account

Launch the mobile application and log in with your account details, usually your email and password. 

Step 2: Select The Items You Want To Purchase

After logging in, select the items you want to purchase and proceed to the checkout page. 

Step 3: Review Your Items and Checkout Details

Make sure to review the checkout details. Make sure the right pickup details are entered.

Step 4: Tap The Apple Pay Button

Tap on the black Apple Pay button at the bottom of your screen.

Step 5: Follow The Apple Pay Instructions

Follow the Apple Pay on-screen instructions and proceed to complete your transaction. 

Step 6: Complete Your Transaction 

Submit your payment via Apple Pay and complete your purchase on the Little Caesars mobile app.

Other Payment Methods Accepted At Little Caesars

Does Little Caesars Take Apple Pay In  2022

Just in case you don’t want to use Apple Pay at your Little Caesars location or the location doesn’t accept Apple Pay, here are other payment methods accepted by the pizza restaurant chain:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Gift cards
  • Cash
  • Other digital wallets with NFC technology except for PayPal.

Little Caesars doesn’t accept PayPal as a method of payment in-store and on the mobile application.


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