Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay In 2022

With over 650 operating stores operating in major and minor cities, JCPenny is popularly known for offering conventional merchandise as well as other retail services to customers. In recent years, there have been reasons for customers to doubt the adoption of Apple Pay by the popular store due to its recent on and off announcements with the payment method. This has led to a lot of customers asking if JCPenny currently takes Apple Pay as a payment method in 2022. 

Fortunately, JCPenney has added Apple Pay as a valid payment method for customers to be able to make their payments with ease. Using Apple Pay’s contactless feature, customers now face a little to no queue at checkout points in the store as Apple Pay makes the processing of payments easier.

In this piece, I’ll discuss with you, how to use Apple Pay at JCPenney and other payment methods accepted by the store. 

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay?

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay In 2022

JCPenney does accept Apple Pay at their stores nationwide. Although there have been reports within past years about JCPenney not accepting Apple Pay at the stores or online due to reasons known by the company, recently, the company has integrated Apple Pay as one of its payment methods. 

However, shoppers can use Apple Pay at JCPenney physical stores but not online as the company has disintegrated Apple Pay from its online payment methods. What this means for regular online shoppers is that not only can they not make use of Apple Pay to complete their checkout processes online, Apple Card users cannot get the usual 2% daily cash. This has also deprived JCPenney customers of one secure way of completing their payments online whenever they shop with JCPenney. 

This isn’t the first time JCPenney will be removing Apple Pay from its app and website and since it can be easily added back, JCPenney may add Apple Pay back as a payment method in their app or website anytime soon.  In the meantime, customers can make use of their credit or debit card info to make purchases on the app or the website otherwise, customers can use PayPal as a third-party payment method. 

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay in-store?

Although JCPenney takes Apple Pay as a payment method in its app and website, the popular store does take Apple Pay as a payment method in-store. This means whenever you physically walk into a JCPenney store, you can use Apple Pay as a payment method to complete your checkout process. 

Due to the fuss about the removal of Apple Pay on JCPenney’s app and website, a lot of customers aren’t aware that they can use Apple Pay as a method of payment in its physical store but frequent visitors of the store understand that Apple Pay is one of the payment methods used by the store. 

The integration of Apple Pay as a payment method at the physical JCPenney stores is due to the contactless feature of the payment system. Due to the security, fastness, and convenience, it provides its users, JCPenney has now integrated it as one of the payment options available in all JCPenney stores nationwide. 

How To Use Apple Pay At JCPenney 

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay In 2022

Before you can use your Apple Pay as your preferred payment method to complete your purchase at any JCPenney store, you need to have set up your wallet prior. So make sure to have your Apple digital wallet set up on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices you want to use to complete your purchase. The following steps will take you through making your payments at any JCPenney store using Apple Pay on your Apple devices:

How To Use Apple Pay At JCPenney On iPhone Or iPad:

Step 1: Select Your Mode Of Payment

Inform the JCPenney attendant that you want to make your payment using Apple Pay as your preferred method of payment.

Step 2: Launch Your Wallet

Open your wallet application on your iPhone or iPad. 

Step 3: Choose Your Card

If you want to use a different card rather than your default card, tap on your default card and select which card you’ll like to use. If you’ll rather use the default card, skip to the next step.

Step 4: Authenticate Your Card

If your device uses Face ID for authentication, double-click on the power button to activate your Face ID scanner. If this is unavailable, enter your passcode. 

If your device uses Touch ID for authentication, place your finger on the home button to scan your Touch ID. If it’s unavailable, enter your passcode. 

Make sure to input your correct Apple ID passcode if both methods of authentication are unavailable.

Step 5: Perform The Contactless Transaction 

Place your Apple device right on top or near the contactless reader. Be patient enough to wait for the checkmark and a message that says “Done” before removing your device.

These steps will aid in completing any payment you’d like to make at any JCPenney store using Apple Pay’s contactless feature. 

How To Use Apple Pay At JCPenney On Apple Watch:

Does JCPenney Take Apple Pay In 2022

Step 1: Unlock And Set Up Your Apple Watch To Make Your Payment

Double click on the Navigation button by the side of your Apple Watch.

Step 2: Select Your Card

Scroll through your Apple Watch to choose your preferred card to complete your purchase.

Step 3: Finish Your Purchase

Place your Apple Watch close to the contactless reader until you feel a slight vibration and a small beep. This means your transaction has been completed successfully.

These steps will help you complete your purchase at any JCPenney store using your Apple Smartwatch. Be sure to follow the steps thoroughly.

What Other Payment Methods Does JCPenny Take?

Since JCPenny is one of the larger multinational stores and corporations within America, it’s not new for the store to accept a wide variety of payment methods that allow both contact and contactless transactions. The major payment methods accepted by JCPenney are debit and credit cards, also known by carriers to be the JCP Card. You can also make your payments by using third-party credit and debit cards such as credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 

You can also make your payments using third-party payment methods like PayPal. You can also use gift cards to check out. The gift card options include- Visa, JCPenney, or American Express gift cards. 

JCPenney also allows android users to make payments via Google pay. So if you use an android device and you have your wallet set up on your device, you can perform contactless transactions using Google Pay. 

If you use a Samsung device, you can also use Samsung Pay to complete your checkout process as JCPenney allows these device users to be able to perform transactions with Samsung pay easily and conveniently. 

One of the perks of Apple Pay is that all of these payment methods can be loaded and saved into your Apple Wallet and used automatically as your desired payment choice via Apple pay for a fast and convenient check-out process. After loading and saving the payment options on your Apple digital wallet, you can use these payment options to perform contactless transactions through Apple pay.


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