Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay In 2022

Owned by Kroger Stores, Fred Meyer is an American big-box store chain that sells home goods, groceries, electronics, sporting goods, pharmacy, etc. Fred Meyer has over 134 locations that house thousands of customers with various payment choices leading to most of these customers who use Apple devices to question if Fred Meyer accepts Apple Pay as a payment method since its parent company, Kroger, doesn’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method. In view of this, let’s see if Fred Meyer accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

Fred Meyer doesn’t accept Apple Pay for payments. Just like its parent company, Kroger, the contactless payment option available at Fred Meyer stores is Kroger Pay. Kroger Pay is a contactless payment alternative owned and managed by Kroger hence the reason why Fred Meyer accepts and promotes it. 

In this piece, I’ll share with you why Fred Meyer doesn’t accept Apple Pay and how to use the alternative contactless payment method used at Fred Meyer stores across the country. I’ll also share with you other payment options available at Fred Meyer. 

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay?

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay In  2022

Unfortunately, Fred Meyer doesn’t take Apple Pay as a payment method at its stores all over the country. Although Fred Meyer’s parent company made a split test back in 2020 with using NFC technology because they intended to incorporate payment systems that use the technology as a part of their payment methods, Kroger ended up concluding to not accept Apple Pay which led to its other companies including Fred Meyer to not support and accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

However, while testing the NFC technology, Kroger decided to not use a third-party technology and went on to create its own contactless payment technology. Due to the launch of this payment method, all Kroger’s companies including Fred Meyer were banned from accepting  Apple Pay and all other NFC-based technologies that may pose competition to their very own payment system. 

Does Fred Meyer Accept Apple Pay In-store?

Fred Meyer doesn’t accept Apple Pay at any of its stores countrywide. If you’re a fan of contactless payments and would rather use this payment method to complete your purchases, you’ll need to adopt the alternative contactless payment created by Fred Meyer’s parent company, Kroger. The payment method is known as Kroger Pay.

Kroger Pay is an NFC-related payment system that can be used to store your cards and make payments to complete your purchase. Kroger Pay uses QR-based technology so whenever you want to check out at a Fred Meyer store, you only need to scan a QR code to complete your payment process.

Just like Apple Pay, Kroger Pay plays a good role in providing excellent customer service for customers who use it at Fred Meyer stores. It is a fast, secure, and convenient method of payment that only takes seconds to process and complete. So customers do not have to face the inconvenience of being in a long line to check out whenever they make purchases. 

You just have to scan and pay to finish your payment processes at any Fred Meyer store across the country hence why Fred Meyer, along with other Kroger-owned companies encourages their customers to use Kroger pay as a payment system. You can download Kroger Pay from your device’s App Store. 

Why Fred Meyer Doesn’t Take Apple Pay

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay In  2022

The major reason Fred Meyer doesn’t take Apple Pay is that its parent company owns its very own contactless payment system popularly known as Kroger Pay. Kroger invented Kroger pay to avoid paying heavy fees for incorporating a third-party payment method into its payment system. They were also missing out on profits made by these digital wallets when Kroger Pay wasn’t invented so they had to launch Kroger Pay. 

The launch of Kroger Pay allows Kroger, Fred Meyer’s parent company, to be able to monitor every step of every user’s shopping experience as they now own a payment system that aids their branding, eliminates paying third party digital wallets heavy service fees, and also simultaneously providing great customer service to customers. 

Kroger also decided to not allow Fred Meyer to take Apple Pay because there are costs incurred by Kroger to allow machines to be compatible with Apple Pay and other NFC-based payment methods. By creating Kroger Pay, these expenses were removed leaving more revenue to be spent on other important things.

Finally, Kroger decided to remove Apple Pay and other NFC-based technologies from Fred Meyer’s accepted payment methods because Kroger aims to create a more convenient shopping experience for shoppers who shop with Fred Meyer and all other Kroger-owned companies. Shoppers can add their cards to Kroger Pay to aid a better payment experience by just scanning and paying to complete their payments. 

Shoppers just have to scan a QR-code to initiate and finalize their payments and complete their checkout process.

How To Use Apple Pay At Fred Meyer

Since Fred Meyer doesn’t allow Apple Pay at its stores, there’s no hack to help you use Apple Pay at any Fred Meyer store. But if you’re a fan of contactless payment, Fred Meyer does support and accept Kroger Pay as one of its accepted payment methods. Here’s how to use Kroger Pay on your iPhone to make payments at Fred Meyer:

How To Use Kroger Pay On Your iPhone 

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay In  2022

Step 1: Create An Account On Kroger’s Website

Create an account on Kroger’s website rouse the Kroger Pay app.

Step 2: Download Kroger Pay

Kroger Pay is available on your AppStore for downloads. Head over to your AppStore to download it.

Step 3: Set Up Your Kroger Pay Account 

Log in with the account details created on Kroger’s website. Verify your identity via biometric security or a pin. 

Step 4: Create Your Shopping List

Create your shopping list for the Fred Meyer store you regularly shop at as this is considered your home store.

Step 5: Add Your Preferred Payment Methods

You can add and save your card details, bank details, loyalty rewards cards, etc on the app for a smooth payment process.

Step 6: Choose Your Preferred Payment Method 

To set your default payment method, choose your preferred payment method out of the list of your saved payment methods and save it as your default payment method.

Step 7: Head To The Fred Meyer Store

Go to the Fred Meyer store you set as your home store at the beginning of this process. You can also change the store to your preferred Fred Meyer store anytime.

Step 8: Scan QR Code

Once you’re done picking your items at the store and about to finalize your payment, a QR code will be generated for you on the app. 

Step 9: Tap On “Mobile” 

Scan your items and the QR code at the counter and then tap on Mobile to initiate your payment for the items purchased. The payment will be initiated and completed swiftly. 

Other Payment Methods Accepted At Fred Meyer

Does Fred Meyer Take Apple Pay In  2022

Fred Meyer accepts other various payment methods apart from Kroger Pay. The following are the payment methods accepted at Fred Meyer:

  • Visa cards
  • Discover cards
  • American Express cards
  • Debit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Fred Meyer Rewards World Mastercard 
  • Fred Meyer gift cards
  • SNAP EBT cards
  • Local personal checks
  • Cash


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