Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay In

With over 11,000 supermarkets in 10 states in the United States, Food Lion is a grocery store chain that was founded in 1957 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Having employed over 63,000 people since its launch, the grocery store chain has grown to satisfy millions of people by selling fresh food products in its grocery stores around 10 states in the United States. For customers’ convenience, it’s important to know if Food Lion accepts Apple Pay as one of its payment methods across its stores. 

Food Lion does accept Apple Pay as a payment method whenever a customer wants to complete checkout. The grocery store chain began taking mobile payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc in 2016 and since then, the store’s customers have completed their checkout processes easily. 

In this piece, I’ll answer your question about Food Lion accepting Apple Pay while also sharing with you how to use Apple Pay at the grocery store chain’s physical store or online store. I’ll also share with you other payment methods accepted across all Food Lion’s stores to help you determine which best suits your choice. 

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay?

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay In

Yes, Food Lion does take Apple Pay as a payment method at its stores both physically and online. Food Lion aims to make checking out easy for its customers hence why the grocery store chain incorporated NFC technology in all of its store’s checkout points. 

Food Lion is popularly known for the fresh groceries sold at the store. If you’re looking to get any fresh produce to make healthy foods and sustain a healthy life, then you should try out Food Lion. The company is said to have satisfied millions of customers and created great customers experiences that keep them coming back. 

To enhance the customer experience, Food Lion decided to integrate Apple Pay as one of its payment methods in 2016. Due to the convenience that comes with using Apple Pay, most apple device owners would rather complete their payments using the device’s payment platform, Apple Pay, and since over 50% of mobile phone users use apple devices, it’s only important that brands consider this and add Apple Pay as one of their payment methods. Food Lion, seemingly, is one of the brands. 

Apple Pay allows you to have all your card details intact in one place without carrying all your cards around. With this, you get to keep your cards safe since you have the details on your Apple Pay. 

To complete your payment at any Food Lion store, all you need is your iPhone, iPad, or Apple smartwatch. It is super convenient that all you need to do is to place your device a little above the contactless payment device that scans your device and authorizes your payment. 

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay In-store?

Yes, you can complete your payment at any Food Lion store with Apple Pay whenever you go to grab groceries. Checking out at Food Lion has been made easy as you don’t need to stay in very long queues because of the ease that comes with using Apple Pay and other NFC-based technologies. All you need to do is to walk to the counter, place your device on the contactless scanner, and voila, your payment is authorized. 

Food Lion encourages its customers to use Apple Pay by giving them significant discounts whenever they choose to use the payment method. This is because they want their customers to make use of a more safe, and secure payment platform that safeguards them from theft and scammers. After all, with Apple Pay, users can have all their card details safely stored in one place while also making it easier for them not to carry their cards wherever they go. 

Using Apple Pay helps you safeguard your identity because if you don’t use Apple Pay, any point of sale terminal where you use your physical cards can have access to your details and card information after you complete the payment with the payment terminal. But with Apple Pay, you won’t need to worry about this happening as your details will be stored securely on Apple Pay. 

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay Online?

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay In

If you’re one of those who will rather shop online instead of heading to the physical store, and you’re wondering if Food Lion does accept Apple Pay as a payment method online, then this is for you— Food Lion does accept Apple Pay online when you’re completing your checkout process.

This means that after you’ve added your groceries to your cart and headed over to your checkout, you will see the Apple Pay logo on your checkout page which indicates that you can use Apple Pay as one of the available payment methods to complete your checkout process.

How To Use Apple Pay At Food Lion

Before you go on to use Apple Pay At Food Lion, you’ll need to set up your Apple Pay account first if you’re using Apple Pay for the very first time. Here’s how to set up your Apple Wallet:

How To Set Up Your Apple Wallet

Step 1: Go To Your iPhone Settings And Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Open your phone’s settings and go to “Wallet & Apple Pay”.

Step 2: Add Your Card

After opening your wallet, tap “Add Card” and proceed to click on “Continue”. 

Go on to add your card details. You can add the details by either scanning the card to automatically add the details to your wallet or by entering the details of the card manually.

Step 3: Verify Your Card And Complete The Setup

Agree to Apple’s terms and conditions then complete all other required card verification steps. After verifying your card, your Apple Pay will now be ready to use as your card has now been added to your Apple wallet app and is ready to use. 

How To Use Apple Pay At Food Lion Physical Stores:

Does Food Lion Accept Apple Pay In

Step 1: Select Your Payment Type, Launch Your Wallet And Select Your Preferred  Card 

Go to the checkout counter, you should receive an alert on your device to use Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. If you don’t, you can inform the attendant at the checkout counter that you’ll prefer to use Apple Pay as your preferred payment method.

Open your apple wallet and choose your preferred card for the checkout. 

If you need to change the default card to use a different card, click on the default card and select a different card you’d prefer for the checkout.

Step 2: Authenticate Your Card 

You can authenticate your card by activating your phone’s Face ID scanner. Double-click the power button to do this. If your Face ID scanner is unavailable, you can enter your Apple ID password to complete the process

However, If your phone uses Touch ID verification, place your finger on the home button. If the Touch ID scanner is unavailable, you can enter the Apple ID password to complete the process. 

Step 3: Complete Your Purchase

Place your iPhone or iPad near the contactless reader until a checkmark is displayed on your screen. This means that your payment has been successfully made.

Other Payment Methods Available At Food Lion

Apart from Apple Pay, Food Lion provides other payment options to give customers the freedom to choose whichever payment method they’d like to use whenever they are shopping. Here’s a list of other accepted payment methods at Food Lion:

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)
  • Debit cards
  • Cash
  • Store gift cards
  • Google Pay 
  • Samsung Pay
  • Android Pay
  • EBT


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