Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay In

If you’re one of those who would rather order food online instead of heading to a drive-thru or stepping into your kitchen to make yourself a meal, then you must be familiar with DoorDash as it’s an American online food ordering and delivery company. In recent times, the company has gained traction, making it one of the top and best ordering and delivering companies in the country hence, drawing in new customers constantly. With the number of new visitors the online food ordering and delivery company have, it’s imperative to know if the company takes Apple Pay as a payment method so here’s what I’ve researched.

DoorDash now accepts Apple Pay as a payment method on its checkout page. Although prior to this development, the company didn’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method due to unknown reasons, now you can complete your checkout process with Apple Pay. You can use Apple Pay on the DoorDash mobile app.

In this article, I’ll discuss with you how to use Apple Pay to complete your checkout while ordering your favorite meal on DoorDash’s mobile app and other verified payment methods accepted by the online food delivery company. 

Does DoorDash Accept Apple Pay?

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay In

Yes, DoorDash now accepts Apple Pay as a method of payment while checking out whenever you order a meal on its mobile and web application. Since DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery platform, it offers various payment platforms to help customers complete their checkout process according to their choice of payment. 

When DoorDash was first launched, it didn’t accept Apple Pay as one of its payment methods. This was due to the payment method not being integrated into the platform which led to customers requesting for Apple Pay to be integrated into the platform. 

Since surveys revealed that over 60% of smartphone users are iPhone users, companies have begun to integrate Apple Pay as one of their payment methods. This may be the reason why DoorDash decided to incorporate NFC technology as one of its payment methods. 

Apple Pay provides consumers the ease of making payments using the contactless feature of the digital wallet. This has made DoorDash’s customers have better customer experiences with the platform via easy checkout processes, amazing and interactive interface, and quick and fast delivery to customers’ doorsteps. Any iPhone user can now easily perform their transactions with DoorDash by using Apple’s digital wallet and Apple Pay. 

Does DoorDash  Accept ApplePay On Its Mobile App?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay on DoorDash’s mobile application to easily complete your payment process. Using Apple Pay on the mobile app is very easy. All you have to do is tap the Apple Pay icon on the checkout page and follow all other instructions on your iPhone or iPad— I’ll explain how to use Apple Pay on DoorDash’s mobile app in this article.

In the bid to give customers a better customer experience on the mobile app DoorDash had to integrate Apple Pay into its mobile application. With this, users can easily complete their transactions via Apple Pay and Apple’s digital wallet. Since most smartphone users are iPhone users and they definitely would prefer using the mobile application to complete their payment process, it’s only logical for DoorDash to add Apple Pay as a payment method. 

Now users can use Apple Pay to complete their payment with the preferred card stored on their Apple digital wallet without bothering to enter the card details as you would manually while completing a checkout process on a mobile application. With just a tap and following other on-screen instructions, you’re done with the transaction easily.

How To Use Apple Pay At DoorDash

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay In

To use Apple Pay on the DoorDash mobile application, you need to first add your card to your Apple wallet and set up your Apple digital wallet to be able to access Apple Pay on the DoorDash checkout page. Here’s how to set up your Apple digital wallet:

How To Set Up Your Apple Wallet

Step 1: Go To Your iPhone Settings And Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Open your phone’s settings and go to “Wallet & Apple Pay”.

Step 2: Add Your Card

After opening your wallet, tap “Add Card” and proceed to click on “Continue”. 

Go on to add your card details. You can add the details by either scanning the card to automatically add the details to your wallet or by entering the details of the card manually.

Step 3: Verify Your Card And Complete The Setup

Agree to Apple’s terms and conditions then complete all other required card verification steps. After verifying your card, your Apple Pay will now be ready to use as your card has now been added to your Apple wallet app and is ready to use. 

How To Use Apple Pay On DoorDash Mobile App

Step 1: Get And Open The DoorDash Application

You can download the DoorDash application from your AppStore.

Step 2: Search For A Meal And Restaurant You Want To Order

Search and choose the preferred meal you’ll like to order. After this, select the restaurant you want to order the meal from.

Step 3: Explore The Restaurant’s Menu

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay In

Check the menu of the restaurant you’d like to order your meal from and select a food category you want, for example, soups, chicken, etc. After checking the menu, choose the dishes you want to order or go back to the menu to explore other options in that category. You can also explore the customized and combo options available in the menu.

Step 4: Tap On “Add To Order”

After you’re done choosing the dish you’d like to order, proceed to click on the “Add To Order” button. You can continue adding more dishes to your order until you’ve added all the dishes you’ll like to order.

Step 5: View Cart

After adding all your orders, go to your cart by tapping on “View Cart” when you’re about to complete your order and make the online payment. You can also apply a promo code if you have any.

Step 6: Proceed To Checkout

Make sure that all of your orders and details are correct then proceed to checkout. Verify your delivery location and details by editing or changing them

If not correct.

Step 7: Choose Apple Pay As Your Payment Method

Now that you’re about to make your payment and complete your order, choose Apple Pay as your preferred payment method. Go on to confirm the total money you want to spend and proceed to successfully place your order by following Apple Pay’s on-screen instructions. 

Other Payment Options You Can Use At DoorDash

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay In

Aside from Apple Pay, DoorDash accepts other payment methods depending on your choice of payment option. DoorDash allows its customers to choose their preferred payment method while completing the checkout process so the customers can use their most convenient payment method at the moment. The payment methods include:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PayPal 
  • Gift cards
  • Google pay
  • Samsung pay
  • Android pay

With the above payment methods, depending on your choice, you can complete your checkout easily without worrying about DoorDash not accepting your chosen method of payment. You can also get cashback of up to 3% if you use an Apple Pay card to complete your payment so you should use Apple Pay if you use an iPhone or an iPad.


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