Does Amazon Pay Its Employees Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly?

Does Amazon Pay Its Employees Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly?

Amazon, a well-known multinational company that sits in the same league as Google, and Facebook is the largest e-commerce company in the world today. This company boasts of a reputation that favors its employees with an above national average payment structure and other decent benefits. However, how are their employees paid? Are they paid weekly? Let’s find out.

Amazon employees are paid weekly since 9th October 2020. Due to the pandemic, Amazon reviewed its payment policy hence, bringing about the change in paydays. Prior to this, full-time employees were paid bi-weekly, part-time employees were paid weekly and the type of payment varied across regions, states, and departments.

In this article, I will explore the details regarding Amazon’s weekly wages and its payment structure. Amazon pushes for the satisfaction of its employees, hence you should understand the degree of satisfaction they offer their employees.

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What Is The Weekly Pay At Amazon? 

Does Amazon Pay Its Employees Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly?

According to, although the weekly pay rate is calculated with respect to the hours worked weekly on an average of 30 hours per week, the weekly salary at Amazon ranges from an estimated average of $360 per week for an Administrative Manager to $3,144.82 per week for a Senior Solution Architect. There are 100s of categories of jobs in Amazon as they record about 1million employees in the company.

Amazon has a salary structure that boasts of consistency over the years and includes a mix of assured cash and stocks to incentivize employees. This model includes:

  • Base Salary
  • Annual Payout
  • Restricted Stock Units(RSU’s)

In the first two years, you work at Amazon, you get payouts, also known as “yearly bonuses”. After these two years, you stop receiving the bonus and instead, get a raise in the RSU’s.

An RSU is a company stock offered by an employer as a form of compensation to an employee. The stock isn’t received immediately by the employee. Instead, it’s received at the end of a vesting period over a particular period. 

Here’s the annual salary structure at Amazon:

Year 1: Base Salary + Payout + 5% RSU

Year 2: Base Salary + Payout + 15% RSU

Year 3: Base Salary + 40% RSU 

Year 4: Base Salary + 40% RSU

This information thus leads us to the total average salary(including base salary and payouts). The average estimated weekly salary, including base and payouts(bonuses) at Amazon, is $2,193.71, while the estimated median salary is $3464.32 per week.

The highest-paid job aside from the corporate body CEOs and Vice Presidents is a Group Engineering Manager with an estimated pay of $5,708.98 per week and the lowest salary job is a customer service representative at $876.82 per week. All of these numbers include the base salary and the payouts. 

The Estimated Average Amazon salaries by department include: Legal department at $2,857.54, Finance department at $2,233.22, Information Technology department at $2,274.94, and Operations department at $2,277.75. Half of Amazon’s salaries are above $3,464.32.

DepartmentsJobWeekly Average Salary
Director of product$4,551
Group product manager$4249
Product department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation: $3258
Senior product manager
Technical writer
Sr. product marketing manager$3500
Product manager$2765
Jr. product manager$3000
Director of engineering$3557
Lead engineer$3697
Engineering manager$4260
Engineering department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation: $3094
Data Scientist
Senior developer
Sales engineer $3740
Junior developer$2463
Quality assurance engineer$2092
Quality assurance manager$3608
Global marketing manager$3192
Senior marketing manager$3198
Marketing manager$2158
Marketing department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation:
Brand manager
Marketing operations
Content manager$1396
Business analyst$1796
Copywriter $1671
Marketing associate$1456
Creative director$2652
Art director$2359
Senior designer$2788
Design department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation:$2323
Senior UI/UX designer
UI/UX designer
Web designer$1351
Graphics designer$2567
Director of operations$3413
Business analyst$1,796
Operations department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation:$2277
Operations manager$2,812
Office manager$1,019
Admin department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation:$1316
Executive assistant$1,547
Admin assistant$1,009
Baggage handler$623
Warehouse department
Weekly Avg. salary compilation:$644
Cherry picker
Cycle counter
delivery/warehouse worker$669
Cargo handler$615

The table above explores the average weekly salaries of a number of jobs in Amazon. The salaries are a compilation of the base salary and payouts. From the table, it’s shown that the warehouse department is paid lower compared to the other departments in the organization weekly. 

According to the table, the highest-paid department is the marketing department with a weekly average salary compilation of $3298. The highest paying job in the department is the Senior Marketing Manager with an estimated average weekly payment of $3198. 

Although the highest paying department is the Marketing department, they do not have the highest paying job across all the departments. The department with the highest paying job is the Product department. As the Director of Product, you stand to earn an estimated average salary of $4,551 per week (including base salary and payouts).

The second highest paying department is the Engineering department. According to the table, an Engineering Manager earns an estimated average salary of $4260 per week. That’s about X6 of the weekly average salary compilation of the Warehouse department.

To keep the table concise, some jobs were excluded. The jobs shown above are the most popular in their respective departments.

It’s no news that Amazon offers a very competitive hourly wage. They also offer other employee benefits such as health insurance, parental leave, financial success by giving each employee a share of the company, and many more.

Do You Get Paid The First Week At Amazon?

Does Amazon Pay Its Employees Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly?

Since the inception of the new policy to pay employees weekly by Amazon, paychecks may be issued at the end of each pay period worked, that is, the last day of the week. Although there may be a lag and your paycheck may be issued in the second week after you begin work. 

The reason behind the lag could be due to payroll verifying your hours worked at the end of the week. Hence there’s no withholding your salary. Just some confirmation needed to be done by payroll and at most, before the end of the second week, you’ll get your first paycheck. 

How Are Amazon Warehouse Employees Paid? 

Depending on how you choose to get paid, the most popular payment method is through paychecks. Warehouse employees can choose to receive their salaries through direct bank deposits or physical paychecks. Although most warehouse workers prefer to receive physical paychecks due to recurring bank delays causing them to receive their salaries late.

How Much Are Amazon Warehouse Employees Paid? 

The typical average Amazon warehouse worker’s salary is estimated at $16.10 per hour. On an average of 40 work hours weekly, the estimated salary is $644 weekly which is 8% above the national average salary of warehouse workers in America according to This includes the base salary and bonuses.

In the United Kingdom, the average Amazon warehouse worker’s salary is estimated at £13.54. On an average of 40 work hours weekly, the estimated salary is £541.6 weekly and this is said to be 38% above the national average salary of warehouse workers according to This salary includes the base salary and bonuses. 

Due to the unfavorable work conditions reported by warehouse workers, Amazon has put in place other benefits that support the employees and their eligible family members, including domestic partners and children.

The comprehensive benefits kick off on your very first day of resuming the job. The benefits include health care insurance, parental leave(including nursing mothers), ways to save for the future, and other resources to improve the health and well-being of warehouse workers. Amazon also boasts of the availability of financial counseling and estate planning services for their employees.

How Much Does Amazon Pay Hourly?

Does Amazon Pay Its Employees Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly?

Amazon’s hourly pay range depends on your chosen profession and the level you are in the company. Averagely, salaries at Amazon range from $12 per hour as an Administrative Manager to $104.82 per hour as a Senior Solution Architect (including the base salary and payouts). According to CBS News on the 14th of September 2021, Amazon plans to increase the hourly wage of their workers in the future so we might see an increase in the hourly wages of these respective jobs. 

What Day Does Amazon Pay Its Employees?

Presently, according to employee reviews on, all Amazon employees are paid on Fridays. Although there’s a measure to this as payroll may spend more time verifying your work hours, you could receive your payment within the first few days of the next week. Moreso, with respect to your chosen method of payment, the fastest way to receive your payment according to the reviews is said to be through direct deposit or physical paychecks.


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