Does Amazon Deliver On Sundays? Read Before Waiting

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Amazon is easily the largest retailer in the world making buying a variety of things online as easy as a few clicks. While Amazon is generally known for its fast delivery, the customers of the giant retailer want to know if Amazon delivers on Sundays. And I’ll be answering this question in full in this article. 

Yes, Amazon delivers on Sunday. Sunday delivery is available in various cities or locations only to Prime members. The delivery time will vary from city to city. 

Amazon currently delivers packages to almost anywhere in the world on Sundays. Of course, you’ll have to be a Prime member to enjoy this feature. You can easily find out if Saturday or Sunday delivery is available to you during checkout or on the product page. The truth is that weekends, especially Sundays are the most convenient time for most people to receive their packages. But Sunday delivery depends mainly on whether you are a Prime member or not. Even so, Sunday delivery may work for only certain items and only in certain areas. Continue reading to learn about Amazon’s policy about Sunday deliveries.

Does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

From the answer paragraph above, you already know that Amazon delivers on Sundays. Amazon has an association with United States Postal Service (USPS) and it’s USPS that’s responsible for Sunday deliveries in the US. Amazon’s partnership with USPS goes all the way back to November 2013 when the negotiated service agreement got approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. Since then, Amazon has been using USPS’s Parcel Select service to deliver packages to customers on Sundays. While Sunday delivery first began in New York, it has now expanded to almost every city in the United States. Amazon Sunday delivery is not only available in the US. It’s also available in other countries.

Does Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday?

Amazon Sunday delivery is available almost exclusively to Amazon Prime members. If you are not a Prime member, don’t get your hopes up on receiving packages on Sundays. As I said earlier, USPS handles most of Amazon’s Sunday deliveries. A small number of independent couriers also handle Amazon Sunday deliveries. 

Even as an Amazon Prime member, you get Sunday deliveries only under the right circumstances. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information about what those circumstances are. Some people seem to think it’s about the size of the package and when you order it and this actually makes sense. There have been reports of people ordering early on Sundays and still getting their packages the same day. 

One of the perks of being an Amazon Prime member is same-day delivery and this also increases the chances of getting your package delivered on a Sunday. And that’s why Amazon Sunday deliveries are almost exclusively available to Prime members. Prime members may also get free shipping for Sunday deliveries especially when they are ordering very common household goods or Amazon’s own branded products. 

Amazon also uses its drivers as seasonal employees especially when they expect an uptick n traffic. Amazon’s drivers are known to also deliver packages on Sundays but not much is known about their arrangements and routes. There’s a good chance of Amazon’s drivers showing up to your front door with your package on a Sunday if you live close to an Amazon warehouse. 

Important Things You Need to Know:

Sunday Delivery is available for all Amazon Customers.

You don’t need to pay any extra fee for Sunday shipping.

Amazon Prime account customers can place their order as late as Friday and expect to receive the package on Sunday. It is known as Amazon prime Sunday delivery.

Amazon Sunday shipping or delivery is not available for every item. Millions of items are eligible for delivery on Sunday, and the most common items are books, toys, baby supplies, etc.

Amazon doesn’t provide any special notice that it is going to deliver your item on Sunday.

Mostly “non-career employees” perform work on Sundays. USPS calls for temporary help on Sundays, and in return, it pays them back.

Along with Amazon, USPS has contracted with Staples to have some of its services sold in Staples’ stores.


Amazon Sunday Delivery Times:

You know that Amazon may deliver your package especially if you are a Prime member. So the next thing most people want to know is what time Amazon delivers on Sundays. Well, the truth is that there is no fixed time for the delivery. The time your package arrives on Sundays actually depends on the carrier or Amazon’s transportation services within the US/UK. 

Weather conditions and traffic are factors that will determine when your package will arrive. Since all shipments will be delivered between 9 am to 8 pm, you can expect your package to arrive within this time frame. 

The main point is that Amazon delivers on Sunday for Prime members and they even offer free shipping for items not exceeding $35. So if you are a Prime member, you can expect your package to arrive on a Sunday. 


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