Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay?

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In 2022

Having grown to become one of the largest American supermarket chains, Wegmans, founded in 1916 in Rochester, New York, now holds 106 stores across the mid-Atlantic and northeastern locations. Wegmans has constantly satisfied its customers by creating an awesome customer journey for each customer that walks into the store to make a purchase right from the doorstep to the checkout point. To know how much Wegmans cares about its customers, it’s necessary to know if Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method at all Wegmans stores.

Wegmans does accept Apple Pay as one of its payment methods at its stores. Although the supermarket chain doesn’t take Apple Pay as a payment method online, you can use Apple Pay to complete your purchases at the supermarket’s physical stores. Wegmans is one of the early adopters of Apple Pay. 

This means you can use Apple Pay to complete your payments at any Wegmans physical store. However, in this article, I’ll be taking you through the steps to set up your wallet and use Apple Pay at any Wegmans store conveniently. I’ll also be discussing why Wegmans does not accept Apple Pay online so read on. 

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay?

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In 2022

Wegmans does take Apple Pay as a payment method in its stores. So if you’ve ever wondered if you can walk into any Wegmans store, add your groceries to your cart and walk to the counter to make your payment with Apple Pay, you can and even the store endorses it as the store is an early adopter of Apple Pay as a payment method. All you need prior to this is to set up your apple wallet so you can easily perform contactless transactions whenever you get to the payment counter.

NFC-based technology has taken the world by storm in recent years since technology has constantly evolved over the years and shown us how easy life can get by implementing these technologies. 

And to crown it all, during the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of stores had to adopt the payment method to reduce physical contact and curb the spread of the virus. So since then, we’ve seen an influx in the number of users of the payment method and stores that accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. 

Since Wegman has adopted the payment method as one of its accepted payment methods since 2015, the number of users that adopted using Apple Pay as their preferred payment method during the Covid-19 pandemic increased which also led the store to encourage users by giving them a percentage cashback. 

Now we see users conveniently making their purchases by closely placing their apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or Apple smartwatches) near the NFC scanners. This payment method also allows users to perform their transactions faster than other accepted payment methods. 

With Apple Pay, users don’t need to carry their credit or debit cards around and put themselves at the risk of losing their personal details to identity thieves. This has helped banks record a low number of stolen credit or debit card cases. 

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In-store?

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In 2022

Yes, you can use apple pay to complete your purchases in all Wegmans physical stores as related on the supermarket chain’s website. 

This means if you’re a fan of the contactless payment system, you can conveniently use the system via Apple Pay and the NFC-based scanners installed at the checkout points at all Wegmans stores. Using Apple Pay as your preferred payment method allows you to perform secure, safe, and convenient transactions at any Wegmans store’s checkout point. 

Wegmans is one of those stores that cares about its customer’s safety and security when it comes to the customer’s payment details. This is one of the reasons why Wegman is one of the early adopters of Apple Pay. This move helped Wegmans acquire new customers who were looking forward to trying the contactless payment method and since then, there’s been a high record of returning customers. 

If you’re still bothered about the Wegmans store around you accepting Apple Pay, you can confirm this by using your Apple Maps. Search the store’s location and when the results come up, scroll to the “useful to know” section. If the Apple Pay logo is there, you will be able to use Apple Pay to complete your payments at the store. 

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Apple Pay to complete your purchases on Wegmans online stores. You can use other payment methods like PayPal, and credit or debit cards to complete your payments online. Although there are speculations that Wegmans may accept Apple Pay as a payment method at its online stores soon, if you want to use Apple Pay at Wegmans, you’ll need to go to the physical store. 

How To Use Apple Pay At Wegmans

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In 2022

To be able to use Apple Pay at Wegmans, you’ll need to set up your apple wallet first. If you already have your wallet set up, you can skip to the next step that takes you through how to use Apple Pay at Wegmans physical stores. If you haven’t, the following are the steps to set up your apple wallet:

How To Set Up Your Apple Wallet

Step 1: Go To Your iPhone Or iPad Settings And Open “Wallet & Apple Pay”

To set up your Apple wallet, go to your device’s settings and open “Wallet & Apple Pay”.

Step 2: Add Your Card

Add your card so you can use it as your default payment card for your purchases. Click on “Add Card” and proceed by tapping “continue”. 

Choose your payment type and then proceed to add your credit or debit card details by entering them manually or by scanning the card to automatically enter the details.

Step 3: Card Verification

You need to accept Apple’s terms and conditions to proceed to verify your card and complete all other required verification steps.

Step 4: Complete Wallet Setup

After verifying the card, you should now be able to use Apple Pay at any Wegmans store of your choice

How To Use Apple Pay At Wegmans Physical Stores

Do Wegmans Take Apple Pay In 2022

Step 1: Select Your Mode Of Payment

Head over to the checkout point. You should receive a message on your iPhone to use Apple Pay to complete your payment method. If you don’t receive the prompt, ask a Wegmans attendant.

Step 2: Open Your Wallet And Select Your Card

Open your wallet on your iPhone or iPad. You can use your default card or change the default card to another card. To do this, tap on the default card and select a different card you’ll like to use to complete your current checkout process.

Step 3: Authenticate Your Card By Verifying Your Identity 

Double-click on the power button to activate your Face ID scanner if your device uses Face ID for authentication. If Face ID is unavailable, input your passcode. 

Place your finger on the home button to scan your Touch ID if your device uses Touch ID for authentication. If it’s unavailable, input your passcode. 

Step 4: Complete The Contactless Transaction 

Hold your iPhone or iPad near the contactless reader or on top of it. Be patient enough to wait for the checkmark before removing your device.

Other Payment Methods Accepted At Wegmans 

Since Wegmans is a popular supermarket, the store accepts almost all other payment methods you can think of. The following are the payment methods accepted at Wegmans:

  • Credit or debit cards.
  • China Unionpay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Gift Cards
  • Cheque


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