Copywriting Business Name Ideas: Best Practices

Copywriting Business Name Ideas

Image is everything in today’s market, and that doesn’t apply exclusively to the physical branding and image, but to the name as well. Many of the world’s most successful brands (in their respective industries) all spend millions on brand and image management, and they’ve chosen carefully when choosing their name. Names like McDonald’s, Nike, Walmart, Aldi, Volkswagen, etc., have all become synonymous with brand quality, and most people know all they need to know from the name itself.

When choosing the name for your business, you should always think about what message you want to be sending, and who your consumers are. If you’re looking to be more of a local business, then it’d feel more relatable to consumers if your name had some sort of connection to the place it’s registered at. If you’re looking for more global business, then it’d perhaps be better for you to focus on that sort of market with your name.

This is just one of many important, intricate decisions you’ll have to brainstorm in order to develop a successful business. If you’ve wondered what defines a good name for your copywriting business, how to find a catchy business name, what are some cool business names, and what are some business name generators that you can use, this article could teach you a thing or two. So, let’s get started.

What Is a Good Name for a Copywriting Business?

A good business name, regardless of what kind of business it is, is one that draws attention to it. The truth is that people that don’t need your services won’t notice your ads, no matter how catchy and cool your name might be. What does matter, however, is grabbing the attention of the people who might find your business to be of interest. Choosing a great name is trickier than most founders and managers tend to believe, as it can truly make or break a company. The good news is that you can always rebrand and change your name.

Some good examples of names for copywriting businesses are The Write Stuff, Nerds with Words, Pen Pals, All-Nighter Copywriter, Scribble n Bits.

These names clearly play with the idea of copywriting and you can’t help but be drawn to them.

An important thing to recognize is that names are created in our subconsciousness, often creeping about in the background, as we can find inspiration in the everyday world easily. A good name for copywriting should always focus on the copywriting field, clearly stating that it’s copywriting that your company does. It’d be good if the name sounded catchy, and somehow connected to the public.

More often than not, this is another part of a copywriter’s job – to make up a name for the business. The name for any business should be very clear about what profession they’re in and what they aim at.

How Do I Find a Catchy Business Name?

Regarding this specific issue, you might be in luck. It’s recently been recognized just how important names are in business, as they leave a mark wherever you conduct your business. Therefore, there are a lot of businesses with that specific purpose; name creation. And more often than not, they also work in image development. Creating your name, your brand, your story, and your message – ensuring attention from potential candidates. 

Squadhelp is one of those businesses, having named over 25 000 businesses, with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 – Squadhelp has been naming businesses for a while, and they’ve been fairly successful at it. They also have a database of pre-created names out of which you can choose the name for your business if you choose to work with Squadhelp. This path is definitely easier and should be considered more professional, as the professionals who work this specific job already have a lot of experience and know which names will stick and which won’t.

Another option you have is using a business name generator. There are a lot of both free and paid business name generators that could help you out. A lot of these have already predetermined names in their database, and when you choose the category your business falls in, they show you those. There are also generators that actually create business names using algorithms. 

A lot of these are full services, not only name generators. Meaning that alongside creating your business name, they can look and purchase an internet domain with that name, help you create your website, and more. Most business name generators, the really good ones, aren’t that expensive and it’d make sense to use one. It should be taken into account, though, that a lot of pre-created names that these sites are selling are protected under brand laws – or, to be more specific, patent and copyright laws. 

This means that you’ll have to buy one of their names if you want to use it, and these usually cost several thousand dollars, as they’re such good names. These names include the domain of the same name, a complimentary logo design, and a payment plan. Sites often offer detailed explanations behind the name, where it came from, what it should be used for, what emotions does it trigger with consumers, what are the root words and what are the key feelings of the word. 

These sites will often offer you to start a competition on their site, stating what kind of business you’re starting and what message you want to send with the name. Then out of all the names sent in by the people who work in the business, you get to bid on the one you like the most.

The third option is to create your own business name yourself, but take note that the skill takes some time to master and it’s not easy to create something that will sound catchy and bring customers to your business.

What Are Some Cool Business Names?

Cool, in this context, is anything that’s considered to be noteworthy, as it will earn you more attention. Here are some examples of cool names: IMPACT, Drip, Spinfluence, SwipeWire, SalePush, Formonix, but even some popular, well known active brand names, like Decathlon, Uber, Bolt, Universal, etc.

A cool business name is one that automatically draws attention but manages to hold its own without any context, as well. Names that are directly connected with the business they’re representing are found to be helpful.

Best Business Name Generators

There are a lot of name generators that deserve a spot on this list, but we’ll only be listing five. We found that these five gave the most worth for their price.

1. BagDomains

BagDomains is a free do it yourself platform that finds hundreds of keyword relevant ‘.com’ domains for you to pick from. All the domains that are shown are available for you to register without any additional markup. Using a keyword relevant domain can help create a stronger brand image as well as improve SEO.

2. Namelix

Namelix is a name generator created by Brandmark, a company specializing in logotype creation, visual and graphic management, profile formation. This is another service they offer, name creation. There is already a database of brand names from which you can choose, this includes the logo, brand style guides, business card design, Facebook cover, icons, letterheads, and it’s all a one-time payment. This includes unlimited revisions, meaning that you can modify your logo and name at any point, free of charge.

3. Squadhelp

Squadhelp has already been mentioned in this article, and that isn’t without good reason. The site offers name creation, as well as choosing from an already existing name database. People at Squadhelp will test the names with audiences, do linguistic analysis, find a matching internet domain, and do comprehensive trademark research.

4. Wix

Wix is a well-known website creating site, with already preexisting templates. But website creation and design aren’t the only things they do, as they’re also willing to name and brand your business. The premium plan also includes the creation of a professional logo for your site. They also have a free name generator, a rather good one, which you can visit using this link.

5. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator is one of the few generators that can generate names in languages other than English. Admittedly, a lot of foreign companies tend to name their businesses with English names, as it really is the most widespread language and it’s become the international business language, but BNG allows name generation in: Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Greek, Indonesian, Malayan, Thai, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, and Tagalog. BNG also lets you automatically check the availability of internet domains under the same name.

6. Oberlo

Oberlo is not only a brand management site, but it’s a business site in general; offering services in brand creation, name creation, brand management – as well as business advice. Oberlo lets you take a free course in starting your own business, as well, and it has many features that can be applied to your business.


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