Com Vs Info Which One Is Better for You?

Com Vs Info Which One Is Better for You?

Have you ever noticed that different websites can have different domain extensions? The domain is a unique name for an internet address. A domain name is unique, i.e. there can be no more domains with the same name, so there cannot be two addresses with the same domain. However, the domains differ in the extension after the dot. There can be two addresses that have the same name but a different top-level domain. Some of the popular are  .com and .info, so which one is better for you?

The domain .com is definitely better for you. This domain is most popular and it will help with branding your website because the .com domain is SEO friendly. While the .info domain is used more for informational websites, .com is used more for commercial purposes. Plus, everyone knows what dot com means.

Domains such as .com or .info can be registered by anyone, whether a natural or legal person. A domain can be of any name, and a person wishing to register a domain must meet two simple rules. The first rule is that the domain is free, and the second is to pay a certain amount of money to register the domain. Once paid the domain is taken and others cannot use it.

What is the difference between .com and .info?

Both .com and .info are top-level domains meaning that they are listed at the highest level in the domain name system.

.com is the generic top-level domain in the domain name system. The name itself comes from the word commercial, which speaks of the purpose of this domain, which has not changed significantly even today. It was created in 1985 when it was administered by the US Department of Defense, and since then it has spread to the largest top domain.

Although there are thousands of different domain extensions today, .com is known to everyone and people trust it. On the other hand, .com also provides global reach and has better SEO results than other types of domains. Officially, Google states that all existing domains are treated equally when it comes to SEO, .com domains still have the best results compared to other types of domains.

If we dictated the URL of some website .com to someone, in the end, it would come as a logical conclusion, regardless of whether it is really true. When you say dot com, everyone knows what you mean. In the human mind .com has taken root as the dominant domain extension.

.info top-level domain comes from the word information which indicates that the domain is intended for informative Internet resources, although the topic of the site is left to the free will of those who register it. This top-level domain was created in late 2000 when seven new top-level domains were added to remove the excessive pressure off the .com domain.

The .info domain was the most successful of all the new 7 domains. Yet, so many years later, it seems that the pressure with the .com domain has not gone away, and the .info domain has never experienced the same fame as .com.

If you want to increase traffic on your website it is not recommended to use top-level domains such as .info because .info is not so well known. Since it’s not as popular, it usually doesn’t even receive as much traffic as domains ending with .com. Also, due to its unpopularity, this domain is more often associated with spammy behavior, which is why people will leave it faster or will not consider it a reliable site at all, regardless of the content on it.

The problem is not in your page whose content is very high quality, but in the domain extension .info. If people have already ended up 1000 times on a page that ends with .info that was a spam site, they will not trust the content that is on yours due to bad experiences.

Which domain extension should you choose, .com or .info?

If you want to be positioned high on an SEO search engine, it is recommended that you use a .com domain. The three most popular top-level domains are .com, .org and .net. The .info domain is not so popular. This domain is intended for commercial purposes, .info sites are used more for informative websites such as blogs or explaining some products and services, so they are not the best choice for promotion.

In contrast, websites with .com domains have a variety of content and bad, scammy sites can appear among them, but people in it have confidence. Regardless, .com pages look right and fit better into your site’s web address so people will remember it faster. Also, .com also seems to be already ingrained in our brains so most people will assume that your website ends in .com.

46.8% of websites use the .com domain which is almost half of all pages. The reason for its popularity may be related to the fact that .com was among the first domains, and all new top-level domains never replaced it and took over some of the addresses. Since it became a .com domain, its popularity has not significantly decreased.

If you are trying to push a brand into the market, the .com domain will give credibility to your website. Although a .info domain may have more reliable and better content than a .com domain, a .com domain will always assume greater credibility than .info.

One of the most important reasons to own a .com domain is definitely SEO and a better ranking of websites on Google. As we have already mentioned, Google claims that all domains have the same position when positioning and that it does not favor anyone in this. Like it or not, it turns out that Google still puts most of the pages with the .com domain at the very top.

The prices of the top-level domains do not differ significantly. Still, it seems worthwhile to invest money in the .com domain, even when you have to give more money for it. Think about this, will you give more money to the .com domain and have a better position or will you have to invest more money in branding? .com is still for the reason the most popular choice.


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