Can You Use Bluehost Without WordPress?

Can You Use Bluehost Without WordPress?

Bluehost is a popular hosting provider, and people find it convenient since it offers both web hosting and domain name – the two main things for a website. Bluehost is closely related to WordPress because they offer one-click installation when your site is made with WordPress. But, can you use Bluehost without WordPress?

You can use Bluehost without WordPress, and with using only HTML, CSS, or frontend JS files. It is only required to move the web files into an appropriate website folder and you are all set. Bluehost offers various hosting options, and using WordPress along with hosting services, is one of them.  

Today, I will discuss the ways in which you can use Bluehost without WordPress, and what are its advantages. Also, I will talk about other website hostings that do not require the usage of the WordPress page builder. 

How To Use Bluehost Without WordPress? 

As I have established above, you do not necessarily need WordPress to use Bluehost. Bluehost is a hosting and domain provider, but it gives you the ability to easily install and get your site up and running with only one button click. That is just a given option by Bluehost, which does not mean that you are required to build your site with WordPress. 

As a company needs a physical space to start up its business, the same applies in the digital world. In other words, to provide a place for your website, you will first have to purchase it. Therefore, you need to find a web hosting provider that will be suitable for you. 

Without a hosting provider, you will not have space in the digital world, and no one could see your website.  A hosting provider will keep all of your files in one place and enable other people to see your website. Also, the same hosting provider has the responsibility to deliver the files of your website as soon as the browser makes a request by inserting them in your domain name. 

So, Bluehost is a web hosting provider and it is designed to work with WordPress. However, that does not necessarily mean that you have to use these two things together. For your website to be shown properly on the Internet you need the hosting services provided by Bluehost, while using only HTML, CSS, or frontend JS files. 

WordPress or not, your site can use the hosting service by Bluehost. So, in order to do everything properly, you will need to follow a few steps and your website will be ready to be seen by the world. 

Firstly, you will have to choose a domain name for your website. Bluehost is great because it offers domain names along with hosting. So, once you choose an available domain name, you can proceed to choose a hosting plan that will suit your needs. 

Bluehost offers three plans with different benefits. Most commonly, people choose the Plus Plan because it costs nearly the same as the Starter Plan, but it allows you an unlimited number of websites to host on one account. Whichever you decide to use, the instructions are the same for all of the plans, so you will not have any problems. 

Once you choose your plan, you will have to fill in some information and set up your hosting account. Here, you will have to enter your domain name and data for your credit card. This is how you get to establish your monthly/ yearly pay for the hosting services. 

After setting up your hosting account, you will see your Control Panel and the options it gives you. Here, you can see the WordPress button which allows you to install it with one click. However, if you do not intend to build your website with WordPress, you do not have to install WordPress. 

So, as I mentioned before, if you have HTML, CSS, frontend JavaScript files, or images, you can still use Bluehost as a hosting provider for your website. If your website includes only a front page or just a few pages, then WordPress is not really necessary. WordPress is perfect for more dynamic sites with a lot of pages, as well as blogs. 

Therefore, if your site does not require a lot of pages, then you can go on with your HTML and CSS files, and still build up your site properly. In this process, you can certainly use Bluehost, but you need to do it in the correct manner. It is not complicated though, since you only have to move all of the files in the same website folder. 

To do this, I recommend you to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), such as CyberDuck or FileZilla. This will help you move all of your files to the correct folder. However, CyberDuck and FileZilla do not require following a command line. 

Proper FTP can be done through your host, and Bluehost has a whole area dedicated to FTPs. If you are configuring your FTP with appropriate credentials, you can give access to users to your website, using a unique password. Once you obtain your hosting account on Bluehost, you can create credentials for users, even for different sites. 

Bluehost Benefits 

If you are asking yourself why you should choose Bluehost, it may help you to find out which benefits you will get with this hosting provider. Even though this provider is designed to work with WordPress and it is WordPress recommended, it has advantages that you will find delightful even if you do not use WP. 


The first great thing about Bluehost is that they offer strong service and excellent support. The support team is always there to help you, every time you need them. When something does not work properly can be quite annoying, and having adequate help will be really beneficial. 

Unlimited Storage And Domains

The amazing thing about Bluehost is that it does not put a limit on the number of domains you can add to your account. You can add even up to 200 sites on one account. However, this is not recommended since your sites will slow down if there are many of them on one hosting account. 


Everyone wants a hosting provider at an affordable price, and Bluehost is probably the one with the lowest price on the market. Along with the price, you get excellent customer service, so this is probably the best deal you can get. 

Can You Use Other Hostings Without WordPress?

If you do not find Bluehost services suitable for you, you should know that you have other providers available at your disposal. Even if you do not use WordPress, there are other options you can consider when it comes to hosting providers. However, you should remember that without WordPress, we are talking about static websites, rather than dynamic ones.  

Therefore, if you are just hosting static assets, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, or images, I have round up a list of providers that you might find convenient for you. Some of these hosting services are free, and they can be exceptionally good especially for beginners. 

Github Pages 

Github Pages allows you to set your website online for free, and it is especially convenient for those who just finished learning about HTML/ CSS. Usually, when people finish their course, they are dying to see the results of their learning, and this provider allows you to do that for free. Additionally, Github will help you improve your programming and coding skills.

This is a great alternative if your website is more static. Neocities allows you to create your own website for free, without any ads. Furthermore, it will contribute to improving your creative skills with amazing features that will help you build your website. 

Neocities has made the building of a website quite easy with an HTML editor, a command-line tool, custom domain support, and fast performance of your site. It will take your website-building skills on a different level, and it will help you express yourself easily in a creative way. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services will allow you to host your static website and create web pages with static content. If you are building a static website with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files, then you can use Amazon Web Services, but you should keep in mind that they do not support server-side scripting. Static websites do not include dynamicity in the content, therefore hosting provider as AWS will work amazing in this case. 

In conclusion, I can say that Bluehost offers great services, even if you do not use WordPress as your website builder tool. It is designed to work with WordPress, but that does necessarily mean you have to use it if you want Bluehost as your provider. It works with static websites, so you can give it a try.   


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