Can You Renew Your Domain Name with Another Provider?

Can You Renew Your Domain Name with Another Provider?

When you decide to create your website, one of the most important things you need is definitely a domain name. The domain should be interesting, easy to remember, and preferably catchy to stay in your visitor’s mind as easily as possible. You can register a domain name with various providers who will charge you a certain price for it. If you do not like the current provider for some reason, you can change it, but can you renew your domain name with another provider?

You can renew your domain name with another provider without major problems. To renew a domain name to another provider, all you need to do is transfer it to another provider and pay for registration. That will allow you to continue using the domain name. The only thing that will change is your provider.

There are no two same domain names on the internet, so it is very important to choose the right domain name when creating a website. Once you find the perfect domain name for your site, you will most likely want to keep it for years, especially if you have attracted a lot of traffic to it and loyal visitors. However, if you don’t like the current provider, you can easily switch to another one. If you are interested in renewing your domain name with another provider, you can read how to do it below.

How to renew your domain name with another provider?

In order to make a website at all, you need a domain name. When you decide on a domain name, you must register with one of the providers. In order to do this, you usually have to sign up online to the provider, who will then check if the domain name is free. If it is free for him, you will pay the price and take the domain name for a paid period of time.

You can take a domain name for a limited time. This is usually a period of one year for which you take a specific domain name. There are many providers of a domain name on the market. What makes them different is the price of services, the quality of customer support as well as the time period for which you can register a certain domain. Since there are many providers today, some of them will be really bad and will not provide you with the quality service you paid for. If you do not like the current provider of the domain name for any reason, you can replace it.

In order to renew your domain name with another provider, you need to change providers before the expiration day. Some providers take a few days to switch the domain name, so you need to ensure that this process occurs before the existing period for which the domain name is registered expires. In case you fail to renew your domain name before the expiration date expires, it may happen that someone else takes over your domain name, which you definitely want to avoid.

ICANN’s policy disables the domain name’s transfer to another provider if the domain was registered less than 60 days ago or if less than 60 days have passed since the last transfer. If 60 days have passed, you are free to transfer the domain name to another provider and, at the same time, renew the domain name. In order to be able to switch a domain name to another provider, the domain needs to be unlocked. Transfer lock otherwise prevents someone else from transferring your domain name to another provider instead of you, so it’s a good idea to keep it locked. When you want to transfer an address, you will need to unlock the domain in your account with the current provider.

Also, be sure to take the authorization key, also known as the EPP key, which you will need to make the transfer. If, for some reason, you cannot find the EPP key yourself, contact your current provider and ask them for the key. The provider is obliged to give you an EPP key. In addition, be sure to check that the email address to which you are registered is up to date so that you can receive a confirmation email with which you will later confirm the transfer. By no means forget this step because you will not be able to confirm your identity, which means you will not even be able to complete the transfer.

Once you have obtained everything you need, you can start with the transfer of the domain name. To renew the domain name with another provider, simply register using your domain name. To verify your identity, use the authorization key you previously saved. Once your domain is registered and active by the new provider, you can transfer all the website data to the new provider. Depending on the services provided by the new provider, you can extend the domain name to one year or, for example, even five years if you use

If you have had an email address from your provider so far, once you renew your domain name with another provider, your email address will also change. You can do this manually or by using the provider’s email transfer. Renewing a domain name with another provider may seem complicated, but for the most part, it is a quick process for which you do not need much computer knowledge. All you need to do is choose the right provider for you and then follow the steps.

According to Techradar, some of the best domain providers are, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Hover, and Dynadot. It is up to you to research which provider suits you best given your needs and expectations. Transferring to another provider is sometimes the right solution that will allow you to renew your domain name but at the same time get better support and features with which you will be satisfied.


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