Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments, and Is It Worth It?

Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments, and Is It Worth It?

Promoting your content is very easy these days with the growth of digital marketing on different platforms such as YouTube. Promoting your content on YouTube in the form of videos is obvious, but can you post links in YouTube comments?

Posting links in YouTube comments is possible. You copy a link to a site, paste it and publish the comment. The problem is in possibly getting your comment deleted by the creator or getting it marked as spam. 

Content creating has become popular in the last few years. More and more people are getting out there and creating videos, becoming influencers, or just getting their business an online platform. Good quality cameras come at a low price, and you can edit your content on your phone and upload it from there.

It’s hard to choose the best platform for promoting your work. Nowadays, you can find your target audience everywhere, but where is the best place to market your hard work?

If you are thinking about the YouTube comment section, but don’t know if anyone will see your comment, you are in the right place. This article is going to guide you through YouTube commenting rules. Buckle up!

Does YouTube Block Comments with Links?

Being a new content creator in this day and age is very difficult. There are already so many creators doing different things, and there are so many talented people with rapidly growing channels. It’s hard to get noticed and show your work, so you need to choose your best weapon to get you and your work out there.

YouTube is the biggest online video platform in the whole world. Every minute of the day, hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to the site, and users watch more than one billion hours of footage daily.

The videos on YouTube cover every category there is, and that’s why YouTube is a great place to show off your work, passions, and your personality. There you can find all kinds of target audiences and get your work out there. 

The YouTube comment section is a place for discussions, expressing feelings and experiences, and putting your opinion on something out there. It’s a great way to socialize and learn about different things. Is it a great place for promoting your work, too?

YouTube allows you to put links in comments. It doesn’t block them or make them invisible, as a lot of people think. They let you put links and hashtags in comments as much as you like, but they are not your main problem.

Creators on YouTube are now allowed to customize their comment section to get rid of spam comments which distract the viewers from discussions and kind words in comment sections of their videos. How do they do that?

You can go to YouTube’s Help Forum to find detailed instructions on blocking lists, but here’s a quick tutorial:

Open YouTube Studio and click on Settings. Then click on Community, and under Automated Filters, select Block links.

The only comments with links allowed from now on will be from you, moderators, and approved users. Messages from live chats with URLs will also be deleted. Comments with hashtags and links will be available on the Comments page under Held for review. They will be there for 60 days and then will be deleted. 

Creators can also make a list of words and phrases they don’t like, and when someone’s comment contains a word or a phrase from the list, their comment will be held for a review. 

This setting also blocks comments from live chats, and you can find it right above the Block links option.

This option is mostly used for disrespectful and rude comments under creator’s videos, usually curse words, racial slurs, and other kinds of words portraiting discrimination. 

Spam is also a really big enemy of YouTube creators because it makes the kind comments invisible. Spam consists of repetitive posting of different links to websites, videos that 

mislead the viewer, telling them that they’ll watch something, but directs them to view something else.

Here are some actions which YouTube finds as spam:

  • Comments that include Pay Per Click referral links.
  • Comments about giveaways that promote pyramid schemes.
  • Promoting your channel by posting comments to get others to check out your channel or videos on this link.
  • Mislead comments which offer links to full versions of videos, movies, etc.

As you can see, promoting your channel and videos by linking them to other creators’ comment section is considered spam. Creators usually use the setting described above and automatize blocking comments with links.

It isn’t very pleasant when other creators get on your video and comments 200 times to check out their channels and videos, so you should avoid that.

Are Links in YouTube Comments Worth It?

Putting links in YouTube comments is a way of promoting your websites, channel, or videos. You can see those types of comments all the time, and there are a lot of variations between them; for example, some contain the link and say, „Hey, check out my channel!“, while some of them contain a huge text paragraph about the content creator and his journey.

As said above, most of the creators use automated blocking of those comments, but spam always finds a way to get out there. 

If your link doesn’t have anything to do with the video you posted below, it will probably get removed. If you’re linking something, it needs to stand out and be useful to the viewers. 

Then it might have a chance of not getting deleted by the creator.

Try to comment less than 20-30 times a day. Understandably, you want your comments visible to many people, but if you leave too many identical comments in a short time, YouTube will mark them as spam. 

The other side of leaving comments with links on other people’s channels is a bad image. People would rather follow you and be your audience because of your great personality or extraordinary work. Being persistent with those types of comments can make people find you annoying, and you could lose your chance at winning their attention.

Even if you don’t get reported for spam, the YouTube algorithm makes it hard to see. The order of comments depends on three things: number of „thumbs up“s and „thumbs down“s, number of likes and dislikes, post date, and number of replies it gets.

Some researchers even say that the comment ranking depends on the average number of likes and dislikes your comment gets, but those are just guessing.

What Are the Alternatives to Posting Links in YouTube Comments?

If you still want to excel in your growth on digital platforms, you should look into SEO. Optimization of your website for search engines is the process by which you improve its visibility. In other words, it makes the potential audience to notice you.

It is a fundamental part of marketing because searching for information on Google has become a daily activity, and if you’re in the first few pages of the search, you’re in!

It is much more efficient to put links to your website or a YouTube video in the video description by the SEO guidelines. Also, try putting hashtags there, too. 

There are a lot of other ways to get your YouTube channel and videos noticed. Try putting keywords in the title. For example, a lot of titles starting with „How to…“. Try using those kinds of phrases to get noticed more. 

Those keywords don’t just apply to YouTube searches. They apply to Google and other search engines as well. Try typing in Google: „how to“ and press Enter. At least one YouTube video will pop up. 

You should think about embedding your videos. It gets your video to a lot more people and increases your engagement.

It would help if you also encouraged your audience to comment as much as possible because everything counts. YouTube puts videos with many comments on the first pages because they promote the popular ones the most. It would be best if you encouraged them to subscribe to your channel, too.

You should share your content from one social platform to another. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and every other social network. LinkedIn is the best for promoting your business site because there are a lot of business people with the same interest as you. 


The bottom line is if you want to post links in YouTube comments, you can. Creators have an option to automatically block comments with links, and that’s your only obstacle. There are far better ways to get your work notice, such as SEO. Focusing on keywords, titles, thumbnails, and connecting with your other social media is more efficient.

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