Can A Flat Screen TV Be Fixed? Yes & Here’s How

Can A Flat Screen TV Be Fixed? Yes & Here's How

In the evolution of the tech industry, we’ve seen various kinds of TVs ranging from hunchback TVs to fiat screen TVs and even curved screen TVs. This evolution has brought about an improved medium of entertainment via media content shared and broadcasted through channels available on TVs, hence, making it possible for users to now watch their favorite shows on flat screened, colored TVs instead of the previous hunchback black and white TVs available in the 90s. Using a flat screen TV is cool but what happens when the TV becomes faulty; can a flat screen TV be fixed?

You can fix a flat screen TV. Although there are reasons why your flat screen TV may be faulty as it may range from broken TV screens to it not coming on, you can fix these issues. However, depending on the intensity of the fault, you may need to visit a professional technician for fixes. 

Fixing a flat screen TV is a very delicate process so you’ll need to be very careful or to be on the safer side, visit a professional technician who can help you fix it easily. In this article, I’ll share with you the steps to help you fix a broken flat screen TV. I’ll also explain to you how to fix a flat screen TV that won’t come on so make sure to read this guide carefully. 

Can You Fix A Broken Flat Screen TV

Can A Flat Screen TV Be Fixed? Yes & Here's How

Yes, you can fix a broken flat screen TV if the fault isn’t grave and doesn’t require you to visit a professional technician, get a screen replacement, or even replace your TV entirely. 

Whenever you have scratches on flat screen TVs, whether they’re LED, LCD, or plasma TVs, this may often translate to you spending some money on expensive professional repairs, or replacement parts, or you may even need to get a replacement TV especially if the TV is one of the top rated TVs manufactured by one of the top TV brands within the industry. 

However, depending on the intensity of the damage, there are a few DIY steps that you can follow to solve the issue. Learning how to fix a broken flat screen TV can save you a lot of time and money so it’s important that you apply a little more effort to the learning process to help you reap the gains of putting in so much work. 

These repair steps won’t cost you much or anything at all, and anyone can do them, regardless of how technical the process may be or not. These processes will also help you to save more instead of replacing your TV especially if you have a high-quality TV. 

Before you attempt to repair your TV screen by yourself, there are some guidelines that are dependent on the type of screen damage that you can actually fix without a professional or not at all. Spiderweb cracks are often fixable as they are small, shallow hairline cracks that don’t go deeply into the screen as this kind of crack means that no damage has been done to the components underneath. You need to understand that not all spiderweb cracks may be fixable, however, the scratches, especially the minor ones can be erased or faded so that it doesn’t affect your viewing experience while using the flatscreen TV. 

If there are major cracks on your screen, this may mean that a professional repair at an authorized repair center is required, or you may need to purchase a new screen replacement. If the issue is grave, you may need more than a repair or a screen replacement as you may need to purchase a new TV to replace the faulty one. 

How To Fix A Broken Flat Screen TV

How To Repair Dead Pixels

Can A Flat Screen TV Be Fixed? Yes & Here's How

Dead pixels, or pixels that seem to be stuck on one color, or overly bright pixels is a frequent, but often minor issue with TV screens and computer monitors alike. Although this is sometimes an indicator of irreversible physical damage, the issue is more often one that can be fixed quickly and easily to save you from spending money on flat screen TV repairs. The following are the steps to repair dead pixels on your flat screen TV:

Step 1: Wrap A Pencil In A Dam, Soft Cloth

The first step is to get a material that can be used to rub the screen and get the dead pixels back to life. Wrap a pencil or a dull and narrow object in a damp, soft non-abrasive cloth. 

Step 2: Rub Each Dead Pixels Gently 

Rub each dead pixel gently on your screen gently to help you “wake up” the dead pixels. Be very gentle while rubbing because if you rub too hard, you will damage the pixels permanently, thereby causing permanent damage to your flat screen TV. 

How To Repair Spider Web Cracks And Small Scratches

Spider web cracks otherwise known as fine cracks on a flat screen TV can often be repaired or “erased” by following some DIY procedures however, the very first step is to determine if a repair is possible for the device. 

Rub a soft, clean, non-abrasive cloth on the screen gently and continue; if you feel any jagged or rough edges, or any broken glass through the cloth, this means that the DIY procedure won’t be possible and you’ll need a proper repair which may involve you replacing the screen entirely. However, if you don’t feel anything, follow the below DIY steps to repair your flat screen TV:

Step 1: Gently Rub A Pencil Eraser On The Scratches Or Spiderweb Crack

Use a clean, dry pencil eraser to gently rub the scratches or spiderweb cracks. As you gently rub the scratches or spiderweb crack, make sure to wipe away any residue from the eraser as the eraser collects the glasses. 

Step 2: Continue Rubbing Over The Entire Crack If You See Results 

If you see results while rubbing within a minute, continue rubbing over the entire scratch or crack until the crack is faded or filled in as much as possible.

How To Fix A Flat Screen TV That Won’t Turn On 

Can A Flat Screen TV Be Fixed? Yes & Here's How

Fixing a flat screen TV that won’t come on may require professional assistance as the process may involve opening up your TV, accessing its power board, and then removing and changing its capacitor. If you’re a professional technician, you can continue this process and access the TV to know what is making it not come on. 

However, if you’re not a professional, I’ll advise that after examining the possible issues and seeing that you may require professional assistance to fix the TV, I recommend you visit a professional technician to fix the TV.

The following are the steps to perform a DIY repair if your flat screen TV doesn’t come on:

Step 1: Examine Your Power Output 

Analyze and check if your power output isn’t faulty. You can check the wall socket to see if there’s electricity being transmitted within it. If it’s faulty, then you’ll need to get a new wall socket and fix it to help your TV come on. 

Step 2: Check Your TV Power Cord 

If you’ve examined the power outlet and it works fine, you may need to change your TV Cord. This only applies if the cord is detachable from your TV. If it isn’t, you’ll need to visit a verified professional repair shop. 


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