Boosting Your Phone’s Battery Life: 8 Best Practices and Tools

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Apple’s iPhone as a powerful mobile device is an essential piece of technology that can be a helpful asset to anyone. It is dependable and even more so if you take the necessary steps to ensure its battery is running in top condition. A well-maintained phone will last longer, making it an excellent investment. Of course, you can just replace the battery for $70, but it’s better to think about the condition of the battery in advance and extend its life. Here is how to preserve iPhone battery life with easy steps.

1 Avoid Fully Charging and Discharging the Battery

Charging your lithium-ion battery fully to 100% can put a lot of unnecessary strain on it, reducing its lifespan much faster than you’d like. It’s best to stay away from completely draining the battery as well – this should especially be avoided if possible. Instead, aim for partial charging where possible. By keeping your phone charged between 30%-80%, you can make the battery last significantly longer and actually get the most out of your device. If you have to charge it up to around 90%, try to start charging it before it hits 20%. Doing this helps your battery stay in a relatively healthy state and extend its lifespan considerably.

2 Keep Your Phone Clean

The more data on your iPhone, the more device resources it takes to process it. Clean-up apps on iPhones can reduce battery consumption by 5-10% in one cycle. This will require a mobile cleaner app. Here you can download Phone Cleaner as it not only cleans iPhone memory from garbage but also saves battery power. Another positive effect is boosting your phone. It’s a useful procedure no matter how you look at it.

3 Prefer Slow Charging

While fast charging technologies are certainly convenient, they can be surprisingly hard on the battery of your phone. Older phone models in particular may not be able to take the stress of the large power boost that fast charging delivers. If you want to help ensure that your battery will retain its charge for as long as possible, it’s best to save quick charging options for emergencies and charge your device slowly. Charging via a computer or laptop offers a nicely balanced option since these devices don’t supply such an intense surge of power. This slower charge rate allows the battery in your phone to adjust more naturally, leading to less potential wear and tear in the future.

4 Turn off Wireless Networks

Improving your cell phone’s battery health involves more than just how often you charge it. Certain settings and functions on the phone can easily drain your battery, so it’s important to turn off features like WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. This will keep the battery from regularly scanning for networks or devices, thereby optimizing its lifespan and preventing premature degradation due to inefficient charge cycles. Making a practice of turning off these features will also help ensure that your battery is lasting longer on a single charge.

5 Activate Low Power Mode

Do you know how to improve battery health in the long run with just one tweak? One of the best ways to extend battery life and fight against sudden drains is by using Low Power Mode. It can be manually enabled via Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode or it will automatically kick into action when the battery percentage falls below 20%. Accessing Control Center under Settings also allows users to quickly access the feature with the click of a button. Once activated, watch for a yellow-looking battery icon in the top-right corner—a clear indication that Low Power Mode has been engaged. The mode will only work efficiently when your phone’s battery is above 80%, so be aware of how much power your device has before enabling it.

6 Adjust Screen Brightness

iPhone displays offer unprecedented levels of brightness and size for an enjoyable user experience but this often comes at a cost – battery life. To get more out of your iPhone battery, it is important to prioritize energy efficiency. One way of doing this is to manually adjust the iPhone’s brightness. This can be done through the Settings > Display & Brightness options or a slider visible in the Control Center that allows you to precisely adjust the iPhone’s brightness from maximum level all the way down to completely off. Increasingly you should also turn off auto-brightness, which is accessible via Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size, and toggle off the Auto-Brightness option. Doing so ensures that your phone won’t try to adjust its brightness based on awareness of your current environment and as a result, help preserve iPhone battery life.

7 Manage GPS

With more and more apps tapping into phone location services to support their features, iPhone users are wise to consider their options when it comes to managing this access. To ensure that iPhone battery life isn’t quickly drained due to tracking, iPhone users should make use of the iPhone settings feature. To do this, iPhone users can go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and tweak the settings according to their personal preferences. From there, they can choose whether or not the app can access location services at all times or only when in use – a great way for iPhone users to take better care of their batteries and keep their location data safe from extraneous scanning.

8 Turn on Dark Mode

Taking better care of iPhone battery life is made easier with the arrival of a dark mode on recent phones such as the iPhone XS and newer. Studies by PhoneBuff, Google, and AppleInsider have found that your iPhone’s battery could be significantly extended when in dark mode – up to 30%, 63%, and 60% less energy respectively! That’s because these newer OLED screens are individually illuminated. The power drawn for black or darker colors is significantly lower than those used for white or brighter images, leading to less overall power draining.


By following the steps outlined in this article, you can extend the life of your iPhone’s battery
and ensure that it runs smoothly for longer. From clearing memory to activating Low Power
Mode and ensuring GPS is managed properly, there are many ways to maximize battery
performance and ensure that your phone is running at its peak efficiency.


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