Benefits of Home EV Chargers

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Discover the benefits of home EV chargers! Save money with cost-effective charging using excess power from your PV system. Experience unmatched convenience by eliminating gas station stops and simply plugging in your car at home. Say goodbye to worries about charging with a fully charged vehicle every morning. Protect your vehicle’s battery life with consistent charging and choose a compatible charger for your electric vehicle. Plus, boost your property value by installing an EV charger at home. Don’t miss out on these advantages – explore home EV charger installation today!


Home EV chargers, including the ones we offer, can utilize excess power generated by your PV system, making charging your vehicle essentially free when compared to charging at fuel stations or public charging stations.

No more gas station stops

By having an EV home charger installation you can say goodbye to gas station visits. You won’t have to worry about charging your vehicle again. Just plug it in upon returning home, adjust the charging schedule through the charger’s app, and wake up to a fully charged vehicle every morning.


Rapid charging can negatively impact your vehicle’s battery life. Like a smartphone battery, it’s better to maintain the battery near-full rather than regularly topping it up from a low percentage. A home EV charger provides consistent charging, avoiding increased temperatures that can reduce battery life. Even a 7 kW charger is sufficient for overnight charging, offering great benefits without the need for a high-capacity charger.


Not all public EV chargers work with every electric vehicle. Having a home EV charger ensures compatibility, as you can select one that functions seamlessly with your electric vehicle of choice.

Increased property value

Installing an electric vehicle charger at home adds value to your property. As electric vehicles gain popularity, having a charging station becomes an attractive incentive for potential buyers, making it a wise investment even if you decide to move in the future.

Ready to install your EV home charger? Trust the experts at TOM Electric Services, your premier EV home charger installer. We offer professional EV home charger installation services that are reliable and efficient. Experience the convenience of charging your electric vehicle right at home. Contact TOM Electric Services today and power up your EV hassle-free.


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