Apple’s Virtual Reality Headset Seems to be Set for More Delays

Does a VR Headset Actually Feel Realistic?

Analysts expected Apple to release a virtual reality headset for some time. When the device hits the market, it could be a gamechanger. All eyes are on the company, desperate for news about when the hardware could be announced.

In a recent report, Mark Gurman claimed that the American tech giant would release its headset in 2023 and that it would cost around $3000. Other reports suggest that there may be more delays and that the product won’t drop until at least 2024.

Online Industries Gearing up for Mainstream VR

Mainstream VR has been promised for a long time, but it hasn’t yet come to pass. Many of the world’s most booming online industries could transition to VR once it’s more common in popular culture. Some projections say this could happen a few years after Apple releases its VR headset, which is why all eyes are on the American tech brand for news about its first forays into the medium.

The gaming industry has started to incorporate VR, and it’s likely to grow over the next few years. Offerings like Batman: Arkham VR have given players a taste of what to expect. The online casino sector is ready to transition as well, with many online casino real money games already taking players to fantasy worlds. These include titles like Fortunes of Olympus and Warrior Conquest, which offer high levels of immersion. VR could take titles like these to the next level.

Apple Headset Still in Experimental Phase

Throughout its history, Apple has notoriously strived for perfection and only released products when they were ready to hit the market. One of the brand’s key rules is to not release unfinished or experimental offerings. Once a product has launched, it spends a lot of resources improving it further through updates and annual releases.

It was recently reported that Apple’s VR headset is still in its experimental phase, suggesting that it is a long way away from hitting the market. The device is also different from what the tech giant had originally envisioned, meaning that it could need some major reworking before it’s available for purchase.

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There will be an announcement before the Apple VR headset is ready for consumers, followed by a marketing effort to encourage as many people as possible to purchase. Therefore, if it’s released in 2023, it would be reasonable to expect an announcement by mid-year. If this doesn’t come to fruition, then the device could drop in 2024.

Even when Apple’s VR does release, it’s unlikely to be an instant gamechanger. The initial headset will price a lot of users out, and the company doesn’t predict many sales of that early generation. However, as newer offerings are released each year, more people will be able to purchase the older devices cheaper. It’s an exciting piece of tech to look forward to, but users may have to wait a little bit longer.


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