7 best team communication tools for small businesses 

best team communication tools for small businesses 

With the increasing use of smartphones, iPhones, and the popularization of remote work, getting accustomed to special tools has become necessary. There is software designed for online collaboration. It allows office and remote teams to coordinate work on projects in a much simpler, more efficient, and effective way.

The choice of a platform through which team members can communicate with each other determines a lot – productivity, support for the overall flow of work, and so on. Such services help maintain performance and achieve efficient and seamless collaboration.

Having a face-to-face Skype conversation with a colleague or manager is one thing. When you need to bring up a series of issues with more than 10 people who are located in different corners of the globe, it becomes uncomfortable. In these situations, choosing and utilizing the right digital solutions becomes the key to success.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor – The platform is designed to track the working hours of teams working remotely, which means that it can be used to track the time of your entire team.

If you need a tighter control of employees, it is recommended to activate the function that allows you to automatically take screenshots to make sure that no one is shirking and doing their job. And there is also the ability to view the use of websites, applications, to find out if employees open resources for personal purposes, or sit on social networks, wasting their working time. The tool offers the option of integrating with other top project management software, including Asana, Basecamp, Trello.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a tool with a beautiful interface. It makes it easy to track the time of the team and personally. You can enter there:

  • data for creating a time sheet;
  • checkout hours for billing;
  • information for data analysis to identify areas where performance needs to be improved by measuring staff performance.

This is an excellent option for those who work from home. The platform is easy to use, helps you effectively track your personal time in order to improve your own habits.


This is a corporate-level messenger, there are six stages in registration, which are quite simple.

The platform can be tailored to specific needs to easily create complex workflows. What is its highlight:

  • carefully thought-out API;
  • effective integrations;
  • different bots.

Among the available features are communication using different channels, personal correspondence and group communications, calls with video and audio, notifications for important channels, repeated alerts, personal lists with important messages, use of pinned messages.


This platform is a modern business communications solutions. With it, you can streamline workflows, work collaboratively with colleagues from thousands of miles apart, and build long-term relationships with customers. Other features of Net2phone include the integration of necessary tools, video conferencing, and messaging. Net2phone has a safe and easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android devices. 


Serves as a replacement for many of the tools teams use to plan projects. The program helps to manage tasks more productively, send files of different sizes, keep in touch with colleagues, track time.

With discussion boards and the useful real-time chat feature, you can build effective communication. This way, all team members can share their ideas, find clarifications, and resolve problems quickly without having to spend time searching the World Wide Web for an answer to a question.


The platform boasts a free mobile app and versions for popular operating systems, as well as Linux and BlackBerry. The service allows you to synchronize folders between computers and other devices and use cloud storage. There is a built-in HSTS functionality. The possibility of synchronization of files of any type and size, differentiation of access rights to folders, joint work with files is provided.


The software provides organizations with the tools they need to manage many project activities. There are several features that enhance collaboration efficiency. We are talking about bulletin boards, calendars, Gantt charts, task lists, time monitoring, sending files and messaging. Allows you to increase team productivity, has a simple but intuitive interface.


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