3 Spectrum Original Series You Have Been Missing Out On

3 Spectrum Original Series You Have Been Missing Out On

With the onslaught of hundreds of shows and movies dropping literally everywhere, you may start to feel like you’ve seen them all or at least, heard about them all. Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, and Suits may all be very good shows, in their own right, but excessively talked about online! It can get too repetitive after a while, which is why we’re here to bring you 3 shows that you’ve probably never heard of! 

Rest assured, they’re all great shows, and the reason they’re so obscure is because they haven’t yet been discovered by the mainstream media. 

The one thing they all have in common is that they’re only available for streaming exclusively on Spectrum TV. Since all of our recommendations are ‘Spectrum Originals’ you won’t find these shows streaming anywhere else! But, what should you do if you don’t have a Spectrum subscription? 

Why You Should Consider Spectrum 

Spectrum is one of the largest internet service providers in the United States and is widely available in 41+ states. Its internet and TV plans are affordable and offer tons of customization options. Spectrum’s customer service is also top-notch, available 24/7 with experts ready to assist and help with anything! 

The sign-up process with Spectrum is contract-free, and it gives you automatic access to 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country! This means that you get high-speed internet even when you’re out and about, and you’ll no longer need to connect to public Wi-Fi that may not be secure. Furthermore, Spectrum also has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy – which ensures that you are entitled to a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the service and cancel your subscription within the first month. 

All these benefits and more are what make Spectrum the ideal ISP to sign up with – that and the option to watch some Spectrum Originals! 

1. George & Tammy

Based on the famous country music power couple, Tammy Wynette and George Jones, ‘George & Tammy’ follows the story of the duo, as distinct individuals and as two people in a loving but combative celebrity relationship. It’s a biopic that has a dramatic undertone to it, which further emphasizes the narrative. 

Their complicated but resilient relationship inspired some of the most iconic country music of all time, with one of the songs being, ‘Stand By Your Man.’ Despite the fact that it’s a limited series, coming up to only 6 episodes in total, there is a lot to appreciate about this story! 

It’s a tale that’s as old as time, with legendary performances and a score that’ll stay stuck in your head for weeks afterward! 

2. Temple

How far would you venture, for the ones you love?

‘Temple’ is a show that centers mostly on a surgeon in London, Daniel, who is no longer in practice. However, that doesn’t mean that Daniel has actually stopped practicing…

No, he starts a literal underground clinic, caring for and treating people who are criminals. Why, you may wonder? For starters, the money is better than an average salary and the second reason is because he’s trying to save his wife’s life. She has been diagnosed with an incurable illness and Daniel will stop at nothing until he finds the antidote. 

‘Temple’ has been classified as a very intelligent show, and it brings with it a unique twist on the thriller/criminal genre that has been quite oversaturated. Since it’s a Spectrum Original, this show is only available to stream if you have a Spectrum TV subscription – and trust us, this is one show you wouldn’t want to miss! 

3. Angela Black

If you’ve seen one mystery/thriller drama, then the common misconception is that you’ve seen them all. However, with Spectrum’s ‘Angela Black’ the story attempts to do things a bit differently as viewers continue to stay on their toes. 

On the outside, Angela seems like the luckiest woman in the world – living her best life with her doting husband, and 2 kids in a charming suburban part of London. Angela’s perfect life is just a façade as a terrible truth is revealed! She suffers repetitive abuse from her overly-controlling husband and amid all this, Angela is then approached by a private investigator who confirms that her husband does have a lot of skeletons in his closet. 

It is up to Angela to fight for her freedom, and not just for her sake, but for her kids’ as well! 

In Conclusion 

You can subscribe to Spectrum TV and start watching all these shows today! There’s also live TV and thousands of shows and movies to enjoy alongside Spectrum Originals, so you are really getting your money’s worth! For more information or a detailed channel lineup, you can click here or get in touch with Spectrum’s experts at 855-423-0918. 


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