3 Myths About the Dark Web You Probably Thought Were True

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There’s an endless load of things you can do online. From playing games to shopping online and streaming your favorite shows, the internet is the place to be. While for most people, such activities make up most of their online world, this part of the internet, called Surface or Open Web, is only a part of what exists online. You have probably heard of a whole other side to the online world called the Dark Web.

But, with such a mysterious-sounding name, there are bound to be a ton of misconceptions and myths about it out there – let’s uncover some of them.

The Dark Web is Actually Legal

Of course, some of the things you’ve heard about the Dark Web are true, like how much your data is worth in it. As shown by ExpressVPN, illegal documentation sold on the Dark Web, such as forged passports, is worth thousands of dollars. But the biggest myth about it is probably the question of whether accessing the Dark Web is legal or not. 

You might have always thought that the Dark Web or its use is unlawful, but that’s not the case. The Dark Web can be dangerous and comes with risks, but you won’t be breaking any laws surfing it. As such, while it is illegal to make use of the so-called Hidden Services, a term used to describe illegal activities carried out in and accessible via the Dark Web, simply visiting it is perfectly legal. According to MakeUseOf, this is true for most countries, with the exception of places with stricter governments, such as China or the United Arab Emirates.  

You Don’t Need to be an Expert to Access the Dark Web

If you use this common metaphor and picture an iceberg with the different layers of the internet, the Open Web we use daily is at the surface, with the Deep Web being the first layer below the surface and the Dark Web being the deep sea. So, being the deepest corner of the internet, it is more complex to get to – but not that complex.

You do need to download special software to access the Dark Web, and there are other safety measures you are advised to take before doing so, such as concealing your IP address, encrypting your traffic, and never sharing any personal details, but that’s about it.

The Size of the Dark Web

It’s hard even to try to fathom the size of the internet. As detailed by EasyTechJunkie, it is home to around 5 trillion megabytes of data. However, most people think of the Dark Web as a gigantic database, but that’s not entirely accurate. What most users don’t know is that the Deep Web, or the “second layer” of the internet, is actually the largest one, making up about 96% of the internet in total, whereas the Dark Web is estimated to constitute only 5% of it.

Many more ideas about the Dark Web could probably be demystified easily and, as technology advances, we’ll surely find out more about it in the coming years. If you’re considering paying it a visit, remain safe and unidentified so you can live to tell the tale!


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